Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Americans have the least confidence in parliament and car dealers

Americans have the least confidence in parliament and car dealers

Parliamentary and car salesman - they are the least honorable profession in the opinion of Americans, according to a survey published on Monday and probably not surprise Americans elect, whose lack of popularity is highest, according to AFP.

Institute Gallup asked respondents to give ratings in terms of 'honesty and ethics of people' from a list of 22 professions. First stood nurses, with 85% of the votes of those surveyed, followed by pharmacists, doctors, engineers, dentists and police.

The last places in the rankings, car dealers are considered honest by only 8% of respondents, roughly the same as members of the House of Representatives (10%), employees and vendors advertising actions. Senators occupy a better place.

Many professions were excluded from the survey, but it illustrates the traditional unpopularity of Congress, symbols of inertia and corruption in Washington, says the source.

According to surveys conducted in 1976, only in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 Americans were elected the first places in the ranking. After that brief moment of national mobilization period, they went into free fall. Regularly, American lawmakers are under investigation on ethical issues or for adultery or for embezzlement.

Since 2010, the House of Representatives is controlled by Republicans, while the Senate remains in Democratic hands. With this 'cohabitation' legislative deadlock was almost total in the last two years, each room texts adopted by voting against opponents controlled chamber.