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Sexual compatibility Couple

Sexual compatibility Couple

Sexual compatibility comes from physical intimacy, emotional and psychological torque.
Is sexual compatibility something you simply in a relationship or not? Can be measured? Sexual compatibility is equivalent to sharing the same sexual interests and sexual pleasure or just tension created by differences in the intensity of sexual desire is one that invigorates sex?

Couple Compatibility is similarity of views, compatibility achieved in all (or almost ...) views of a relationship. Although it is difficult to obtain, it is not impossible and can be earned over time, with patience and deep understanding her partner by making compromises designed to increase giving partners, their involvement in the relationship.
Sexual compatibility matching represents cooperation and reflection regarding the appearance of a couple's relationship.

Here's just what compatibility issues binds a couple, especially when taken long-term decisions (marriage):
Induced Compatibility *** - occurs when a long term relationship comes monotony, comfort, but without partners to contradict, to the clear .... But more seriously, not to have a common topic to communicate.
Compatibility *** in addressing difficulties - characterizes a relationship where the partners complement each other, get along with your eyes when you need to solve a certain problem.
Compatibility *** indirect - is related to friends, knowledge partner / they have a direct influence on each other, try to understand relationships partenrului / her with these people and discuss regarding things that will annoy before finally abandoning the relationship .
Behavioral Compatibility ***.
Compatibility *** personality.
Compatibility *** coinhabitation-compatibility of cohabitation is quite large and show involvement and provide deeper relationship.
Compatibility *** spiritual / religious /.
Compatibility *** subdued - refers to the dominant-dominated relationship - generally should not be differences between who is the decision maker and who execute them, unless it is a voluntary agreement between partners.
Compatibility *** cuisine - should not be an impediment as long as no one tries to impose other life style.
Compatibility *** free time - often encounters couples, but can be solved by small compromises on both sides, fair, about how to spend your free time (you spend your time and your partner vu else than alone or friends, but should not become a habit).

Sexual compatibility sexual *** = matching is an important aspect of a relationship. Differences in terms of sexual pleasure, sexual needs and practices can be sensitive issues for a couple to put on the table, so they seek counseling. There are relationships that are destroyed married couples who divorced because they were not sexually compatible. Although it seems a radical decision, given that there are numerous books and therapies to improve sexual life of couples, sexual inadequacy may lead to sexual rejection, resentment erodes intimacy and relationship. Sexual rejection affects social life, self-esteem, confidence and emotional capacity of a person.

When we are young, teens, appearance is one of the most important aspects of a relationship (which relies largely on physical attraction) as we mature we tend to choose partners after traits. I later there is a need for affection, emotional safety of sexual fulfillment - sexual compatibility - build cohesion through the sharing of pleasures relationships and sexual activity.
Sexual compatibility Couple
Kamasutra - love the book, its pages and discuss the topic of sexual compatibility and temperament of a man and a woman. First approach Kamasutra sexual compatibility physical appearance (sexual organs) and then the temperaments. In Kamasutra three men appear depending on the size genitalia (rabbit, bull and horse) and their corresponding three women (which would be compatible physically), depending on the depth of their vagina (deer, horse and elephant). But in real life, seldom happens that two people are perfectly compatible in terms of genitals.
Besides sexual organs and temperaments compatibility, sexual compatibility also depends on the skill lover / her - each consisting of the ability to extend sexual pleasure to meet each other.
Do not ever try to compare their sexual performance or partner / her with others, because each has its own standard. According to the same principles of Kamasutra above Earth no two couples who are similar in terms of physical sexual compatibility, temperament and skill.

Sexual Compatibility - multilateral approach
A recipe for a successful relationship is love, compatibility, commitment and direction.
Although many people tend to consider only the sexual compatibility of a couple's ability to maintain great sex to understand the depth of this compatibility should be aware involving intimate love and sex, for the physical act is only a small part of love.
Except in the case of an individual without sexual personality or a poor connection with partner / a, sexual compatibility of the partners is relevant throughout the day, as it exists both emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and physically.
Physical sexual compatibility
It covers about matching sexual organs (Kamasutra approach) but also those things that both partners agree or not in terms of sexual activity: positions, sexual variety (oral, vaginal, anal), timing, duration, location etc.. Here are physically fit and matching partners: size / physical security features of the penis, vagina, height, weight, age, etc intimate hygiene quality.
But if the couple there is a certain level of dedication, understanding some physical incompatibility can be overcome. If they resist compromises bilateral partners when they are incompatible.
Kamasutra says size mismatch generates sexual organs sexual dissatisfaction. Intercourse can become frustrating because other dissatisfaction awareness or become painful. In terms of the Kamasutra, couples who do not fit the anatomical dimensions are different and in terms of temperament.

The main aspects that can be tracked / covered in case of couple sexual compatibility refer to:
Some people are more flexible, agile enjoying almost any sexual position, but others are more inflexible, suffering from illness, injury or other physical or medical problems that limit their ability to adapt partner / her during sex.
-Sexual variety;
For some oral sex can be dismissed, arguing in particular hygiene or morality. In this case it appears that an emotional sexual incompatibility, generating frustration and disappointment for the dissatisfaction, or be considered abusive partner insistence, creating resentment and alienation.
Anal sex is another controversial aspect regarding sexual compatibility. While for some women is a painful act, others refuse to cooperate with a partner in this. Again resentment will become a negative force that will destroy the couple.
-Temporal coordination;
Temporal coordination of the two partners can be a real problem if the two very different programs. While the man generally prefer sex in the morning when it feels rested and fit for sexual activity, most times a woman has to fulfill a number of duties that do not allow this (eg preparing children for school). She will prefer the moments of intimacy with your partner to spend the evening, when it is but too exhausted physically and emotionally to deal with mood.
This aspect of sexual compatibility often give rise to sexual frustration. Whether due to medical problems or because of their own selfishness, one of the partners face intimate intercourse orgasm for both generating. This situation usually occurs for men in becoming intimate with your partner is to achieve orgasm, not to make love. His body is filled with growing tension that causes an orgasm quickly.
Both need to be open and sensitive to the needs of partner, controlling the voltage level during intercourse. Orgasmic performance should not be treated as a personal quality, but is the result of erotic play between partners, each assuming the other's pleasure.
There are many fetishes in terms of carrying out a sexual location: car, public places, etc.. If one partner feels uncomfortable in such fantasies or feels neglected / a when a particular gesture or position provokes discomfort partner without being remedied feelings of rejection, lack of respect, insecurity or threat. What people do not easily handle sexual rejection can occur long-term sexual frustration.
Sexual compatibility requires a similar attitude toward sex partner, sharing fantasies and sexual desires without inhibition, mutual exploration and refining senses to "read" partner. A basic element to achieve this compatibility is to respect your partner's wishes.
Emotional and psychological sexual compatibility
This category includes issues such as spontaneity during petrect together or thinking about the partner or common sexual experiences, past or future.
Some men prefer to gradually seduce your partner, while others consider it a waste of time. Thus, a woman likes to be seduced walker sex will not be compatible in this respect with a man whose spontaneity he is claiming sex anywhere, anytime, the main purpose being to reach orgasm. Sexual compatibility emotional and psychological concerns and preferences partners to engage in physical sexual intercourse (sex) or intimate sexual relationship (making love).
For some people hug, caress is a way to become intimate emotional, psychological and spiritual partner. But if one of them wishes to oppose these feelings arise from neglect, loneliness, etc. inatractivitate. While this type of incompatibility can leave deep spiritual wounds.
Kamasutra reveals three categories of people according to their sexual temperament: people with a passionate sexual temperament (not-and will never hide sensuality, carnal desire), people with moderate sexual temperament (which can control their bodily desire) and people with Cold sexual temperament (which rarely manifest sexual desire, pleasure peaks are not very energy engaging in intercourse without foreplay).
Emotional connection with your partner is not only a source but good sex and a healthy relationship outside of physical intimacy. Although many believe that all problems are solved in bed, can not be further from the truth: sex does not solve a conflict situation in a relationship than perhaps temporarily.
Spiritual sexual compatibility
One of the most difficult aspects of sexual compatibility is understanding the degree of intimate spiritual connection during sex. While physical sex is aimed at getting an orgasm, sex intimate partner generates a deep connection between both the emotional, psychological and spiritual depth of feeling generated by the partners and euphoria caused by biochemical changes in the body during sexual arousal .
Sexual compatibility Couple
Identified as sexual incompatibility
If there is love at first sight, we can not say the same about compatibility first. Experience of many people and psychologists, sexologists, concluded that the sexual compatibility crystallizes slowly through gradual involvement in open and honest communication about your sexual preferences and pleasures.

However there are many couples who have sex less satisfying, rarely experience orgasm (one of them or both can not have simultaneous orgasm etc) at least one partner experiencing some sexual dysfunction. On the other hand, there are couples who find harmony only during intercourse. Thus, in some cases psychological compatibility is more important than sexual compatibility. Couples whose partners are psychologically compatible are more tolerant regarding certain aspects of their lives satisfacatorii less sexual. Unsuitable partners psychologically not show such tolerance and tend to exaggerate problems, sexual difficulties.
Psychological compatibility withstand time more than sexual compatibility as it is evidenced daily during times when you are not involved in a sexual act.
When a couple partners are not sexually compatible, at least one of them will be frustrated in this regard. Sexual frustration leads to unhealthy feelings for the couple and the individual in general, resentment, anger, anxiety that will come upon a couple of other aspects of life, leading to infidelity.

When libido varies torque between partners may be difficulties in your relationship. If sexual desire is low due to medical problems then the other partner will feel neglected, unwanted, while at the cresscut libido will begin to doubt the fidelity boyfriend / her. This gap is a matter of sexual appetite sexual incompatibility. To improve this gap, the partners must be willing to accept a "negotiation" frequency of sex parties, erotic games challenging with "penalties" and planning that indicate the involvement of the two in the relationship.
Sexual compatibility Couple
Slightly more unusual situations that arise are certain moral principles regarding sex. Certain sexual behaviors are considered unethical for some people. A couple whose partners have different morals regarding sex can be quite serious problems. One partner will feel uncomfortable, will fight and refuses called sexual activities, while the other will not be satisfied sexually. Eventually tensions and fear of approaching the subject will cause interruption of communication between the two (especially with regard to wishes and sexual preferences).

There are also different sexual lifestyles to be taken into account when talking about sexual compatibility. Some couples prefer exchanging partners (swing), others feel more comfortable when shooting, menage a trois, etc.

Compatibility in your relationship is supported by full communication that must exist in the life of every couple. When you find something wrong, or that you seemed tired / or lack / of the party, clarify the situation to avoid resentment and hasty actions.
We are sexually compatible. Is sufficient for a successful relationship?
Sex is an important aspect of a relationship, but that relationship will not last forever, because there are other aspects of life outside the bedroom that you must face. You can carry an intelligent conversation outside marriage bed? You can rely on each other? Communicate honestly?
If everything is currently looking to have fun and a partner to be sexually compatible and you can detach the emotional aspect of the relationship, then it is ok. Choose not to compromise the long term, just because sex with a person's great ... and so.
Since sexual compatibility does not last forever, in long term relationships remain more physical excitement and pleasure - try both to decide how you can still complete.
Desire and sexual compatibility can be "created"?
Sexual compatibility problem occurs more frequently in the lives of couples, more than they admit, but lies in the nature of men to be discreet regarding their sex life.
Sexual desire can occur when you least expect it, even from a stranger on the street that you arouse some sexual fantasies. But this does not mean that you are sexually compatible, although it is possible, developing a beautiful relationship and then success.
But what happens if you understand "the eyes" with someone but you're not physically attracted to him / her?
You can try to analyze what you particularly like this person that you could draw and talk on this issue, you will find that both restrained sensuality of fear. Give yourself a chance!
Sexual compatibility Couple
In other cases you can influence sexual compatibility making some compromises in terms of behaviors, sexual activities they prefer. So you can alter each affinities and sexual behaviors, "fabricating" a certain sexual compatibility. The secret is to not make compromises too much, do not settle for far too little as you sacrifice which say something like lime liked a sexual relationship. If you compromise too much when it's time to overcome and move on.
What you need to know about sexual compatibility:
* Compatibility requires complicity of both partners to "build" privacy in two.
* You must decide what you want from your sex life and what it considers sexy and exciting to start searching for what you want.
* Positive attitude toward sex is very important.
* Compatibilitaea sex is a mix of physical attraction, "chemistry" and compromise.

Compatibility exist, but up to you if you are motivated enough to find it open.


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