Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Anaphylaxis and anaphylactic shock - treatment

People who are allergic should always carry their syringes withadrenaline or antihistamine tablets for immediate treatment.

Specialized treatment includes:
-establish an intravenous line
-treatment of bronchospasm with beta2-adrenergic agonistsepinephrine or albuterol-
-steroids to prevent the evolution of symptoms
-administration of intravenous fluids to control blood pressure
intravenous adrenaline infusion, when the response tointramuscular adrenaline is deficient, or dopamine
endotracheal intubation in respiratory failure,
tracheo-tracheotomy in massive edema
-antihistamine: cimetidine, diphenhydramine.


Prevention is the ideal form of an allergist is necessarytratament.Consultarea if you are allergic.
Methods of prevention:
allergen-injection therapy for small amounts of allergenic to prevent a severe reaction anfilactica is effective for people allergic toyellow clothes, bee venom, or ants
-pre-medication, is effective to prevent anaphylaxis to contrastsubstances in radiology
-desensitization to the medication-triggered by increasing dosesof drug allergens: penincilina insulin, sulfonamides.
All persons known to be allergic should wear them a note of the fact that they are allergic and syringes with epinephrine.

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