Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Reactive arthritis - diagnosis

There is no specific test for reactive arthritis, but watching thepeople suspicious:
Recent symptoms of diarrhea, fever, vomiting
-Current medications
-recent infections
-positive family history for the disease.

Is a physical examination of joints, skin, reflexes and muscle strength.

Tests used to diagnose reactive arthritis:
- Radiography of the joints
- Blood tests (rheumatoid factor, HLA-B27 gene, Ac ANA,sedimentation rate)
- Test for Chlamydia
- Joint biopsy.

Prognosis and evolution

Most people with reactive arthritis recover fully and resumeactivities undertaken in six months after first symptoms, which areless severe.

A 20% will develop chronic arthritis, was forced to change hismunca.Studiile showed that between 15 and 50% of patients willhave periods of remission reactivation after entering the firstattack.

All persons with a family history of reactive arthritis should be to protect themselves during sex.

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