Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Reactive arthritis - treatment

There is no cure for this disease is just trying to improvesymptoms.

Medications include:
immunosuppressive drug-

NSAIDs reduce inflammation and reduce pain:

It is not clear whether a new class of NSAIDs called COX-2inhibitors have an effect on disease: celecoxib.
Although NSAIDs are useful in pain control, not eliminate themtotally. Some people do not respond at all to therapy.

Corticosteroid injections directly into the swollen joint can reduceinflamatia.Acestea are usually prescribed after failure areAINS.Corticosteroizii topical creams or lotions and can be applied directly to skin lesions, such as reducing inflammation and speed healing ulcerele.Acestia.
Antibiotics are given to eradicate the infection that triggeredboala.Antibioticul prescribed depends on the type of bacteria. For example, Chlamydia using doxiciclina.Terapia lasts seven days or more, up to three months.

Immunosuppressive drugs are necessary in patients with severesymptoms that can not be controlled by other therapies, examples:
TNF inhibitors include:

Physical exercise helps introduced gradually, maintaining jointfunction. They aim to improve stiffness, strengthen muscles andincrease flexibility.
For successful treatment requires a team of specialists and notone doctor, it should include:
, orthopedist.

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