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Birth in prolonged pregnancy timeline

Birth in prolonged pregnancy timeline
And fetal mortality risks are even higher as more prolonged gestational age, maternal age younger age, higher parity, fetal birth weight less, the association with abnormal presentations or other maternal morbid states. Pregnant metabolic rebalancing requires repeated administration of oxygen required and careful monitoring of uterine dynamics.

At birth, this syndrome needs to be indicated Ballantyne Runge - CLIFORD characterized by: - General signs: fetal length 53-54 cm, big hair, hands washerwoman; - Biological signs: hypoglycemia, hyponatremia, hypocalcemia, acidosis, increased hematocrit; - Signs skin: scaly skin, hands and pursed plants, the elderly; - Signs of nerves: the fetus shows hypothermia, hypertonic, is excited about life, and may cyanotic seizures.

After making a positive diagnosis of conduct in chronologically prolonged pregnancy can be of two types: conservative, when they expect active and spontaneous onset (classic approach), in which attempts to trigger labor. This can be done through several methods: 1. administration of castor oleum 2. administration of calcitonin 3. by administration of 8-12 estrogenizarea sintofolin ampoules / day 4. ocitocice be administered in tablet form or as slow infusion 5. administration of prostaglandin is the most indicated.

Labor should be closely monitored to track the dynamics of the fetal heart beat and uterine caesarean section is indicated whenever there is another indication if pregnant or dead fetuses also presented chronologically by prolonged pregnancy.

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