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What is an orgasm?
- The maximum voltage that reaches physiological and emotional intercourse at a specific time.
- An intense arousal during sex
- Physical and emotional sensation experienced at the time of intercourse culmination

These "paroxysmal sensations" of maximum intensity, it is the true answers both the mind and the body and as such is really such a subjective experience. It may differ "from one person to another and from one occasion to another."

Whether you only let ourselves be guided by instincts or the appeal to reason, orgasm itself is hard to describe, since potentialities intellectual, emotional and spiritual, and the sex itself, varies from person to person and even from the same person from an erotic experience to another. At the same time, we know how that information insufieciente side comparison between different subjects, a situation caused by the fact that no one or very few of us have the courage to ask such direct relationships from parents, teachers or friends.
Kaplan believes that sexual feelings include three phases: desire, arousal and orgasm, all ranking "biological systems interconnected but distinct." It is natural to accept this view because each of us knows what the "desire and arousal is" which are the relationships between them, as each condition, but very few can distinguish between the plateau and excitement.

Sexual desire, libido is the most common problem of human existence. All individuals possess varying proportions sexual desire, pleasure, sexual desire is searched, unpredictable, fluctuating, not having a clear plan for some, and for others it depends on adherence to rules and rituals.

We believe that sexual desire is a person at fizicomentala state responsive to stimuli from the outside world. There are authors who argue that the genesis of sexual desire you body chemistry or individual biorhythms and astrology. Studies of body chemistry (pheromone activity) support this hypothesis.

Note that sexual desire can not be detached from the context of moral, cultural and behavioral. Existential emptiness, lack of momentum, the ideal, boredom inevitably affects sexual relationships, ability, enthusiasm to give and receive love.

Sexual desire or libido, as Freud called it, is based on specific sensations individual push him to coupling with a partner of the opposite sex or even make it become receptive. These sensations are due to "the activity of a particular neural system of the brain", which we will speak further. Once the system is activated, the individual is "excited" or just nervous. These feelings disappear after orgasm occurred. The differences between female and male orgasm opinions are divided. Some believe they can not be found reasonable grounds to certify the existence of real differences between them.
Vance and Wagner provided data on 48 types of orgasms to be examined by doctors, psychologists and medical students, they could not prove the existence of differences between male and female orgasmic feeling. Orgasm is a particular state, is great, a spasmodic emotional involvement, cortical muscle.

Orgasm complexity lies in the fact that there are fellows that a mobilization of our imagination, the fantasy is that they have not even need a partner or a partner to reach orgasm live.

It is easy to understand that in this case the psychological component is paramount and the genital nerve endings were not involved in any way. Participation genital nerve endings is excluded women who can achieve orgasm through breast condition or anal stimulation.
Also, for example, homosexuals also enjoy intense sensations by stimulating the prostate during this kind of "coitus".

Classification orgasm
If you try to make a classification considering the sex orgasms in women can distinguish two types of orgasm: clitoral and vaginal.

Freud argued that clitoral orgasm is "immature", while vaginal orgasm is a sign of "emotional maturity". In men there can be such a difference.

Coital orgasm and orgasm extracoital:
Women can be subjective distinctions between orgasms caused by masturbation and coitus those resulting from normal.
In one study 42% of women under 29 said they felt challenged the distinction between coitus orgasm from clitoral stimulation caused by the (masturbation).

Singer has described three types of orgasms.

Vulvar orgasm. Is obtained either by coitus or noncoitala. A feature of this type of orgasm is the absence period "refractory". Vulvar orgasm is manifested by involuntary rhythmic contractions "orgasmic platform".

Vitalizing uterine orgasm seems more intense. Is accompanied by gasping and involuntary detention of inspiration and exhalation. Women almost explosive expire during this type of orgasm. Complexity lies in the fact that it produces feeling of relaxation and "sexual satiety" of satiety sensual - reactions that seem to be caused by a deep and repeated stimulation of the penis contact with the cervix. This impact causes a displacement of the cervix of the uterus and causes the membrane to stimulate him dress, the peritoneum (the lining inside of the abdominal cavity). Unlike the vulva, this type of orgasm is followed by a period of "refractory".

Vulvo-vagino-uterine orgasm, which partly explains the etymology of it, meets the other two components described above. Vulvar lived deeper than this orgasm is characterized by a short apnea. Breathing stops for a while, just as orgasmic contractions platform.

Vulvo-vagino-uterine orgasm seems to be caused by stimulation of the clitoris and the vaginal wall. Unfortunately, absolutely reliable and durable conclusions can not be drawn yet and can not be established typologies orgasmic contoured, so we can not attribute "moral and emotional superiority" of either of them, considering the fact that so far no researcher could not establish any essential differences between the two sexes and no orgasm from vaginal and clitoral ones. In this case, is it appropriate to their classification?

In women orgasm proves to be of a very high variability, starting with the extracoital generated by manual or oral caresses, and continuing with the coital determined by dynamic penile, vaginal muscle voluntary contractions and pelvic movements (pelvic) .

Extracoital orgasm produces sensations of heat, located at the vulva, clitoris and lower third of the vagina. After many researchers, these orgasms are more intense than coital.

Coital orgasm sensations are different. They exhibit more diffuse and are more invasive. Radiates throughout the entire vagina and uterus in effect penile movements and therefore it touching the walls of the vagina and cervix. Pleasurable sensations are determined and voluntary contractions of vaginal and pelvic muscles.

Some women get along with ejaculation orgasm climax partner. Identify two different experiences: receptive (in women) and intrusive (the man) is overwhelming. Although one gives and the other receives, although one feels penetrated and penetrating each other, these two situations are canceled in a contrary sense and totals in another sense, a fantastic wholeness in a merger seems to be melted the two bodies into one.

Mental participation is undoubtedly one of the factors favoring the orgasm. Sense of possession, intertwined with the joy of being possessed, to belong to a protector protects you produce awe that overwhelm. Orgasm remain somewhat erotic life main building.

Sexologists believe that women's sex is essential to achieve multiple orgasms. But is getting more orgasms in a single "session" can define quality sex may be the only criterion of an erotic act it? No way! Naval emotions souls partners proved to be more important than getting a voltage which disappears in a few seconds. These criteria do not have the same value in all cultures and all temperaments.

There are partners that orgasm is to sex as some women orgasm. The latter are not some unfortunate. They live an intense satisfaction simply by their partners can provide pleasures that can tingly body loved ones.

Orgasm should not be considered or only a maximum of pleasure, or just a culmination of lust and not as a mere physiological discharge, but as an experience unique complex.

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