Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dynamics orgasm

dynamics orgasm

According to British doctors Bohlen and Sanderson, ejaculation and orgasm coincide is the result of sympathetic reflex whose center is situated between spinal segments D, 2-L 2 and S 2-S 4.

Muscle orgasmic experience is spermatic fluid expulsion physiological expression of accessory organs of the urethral meatus, caused by contraction of accessory organs (for vessels of testis, epididymis, seminal vesicles, prostate, etc.).
 Dynamics orgasm
Early ejaculation, internal bladder sphincter closes, preventing liquid discharge semen into the bladder and retaining urine in the bladder during ejaculation.

Ejaculatory contractions have the power to design semen (the first 2-3 contractions) at 30-60 cm from the urethral meatus, which can not be controlled shot the man after the onset them.
 Dynamics orgasm
The more semen fluid volume and propulsion are higher, the feeling of pleasure is greater. Its intensity varies from one sex to another, is more intense at first ejaculation in men, while in women the second or third orgasm is much more enjoyable experience, indicating that it may be interrupted by some external factors, while the man orgasm once started, it can not be interrupted.

The female orgasm is accompanied by pelvic muscle contraction and distal vagina.

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