Thursday, June 23, 2011

Neonatal infections - neonatal listeriosis

Prophylactic antibiotic therapy is to establish immediate risk to all groups.
Curative newborn is administered a dose of Ampicillin200mg/kgc/zi, intra-venous or intra-muscular in 2 doses in the first 7days and then in 3 divided doses every 8 hours. Associates andgentamicin, 2, 5 mg / kg / dose at 12h, 18h, 24h to the value of the infant's gestational.
Duration of therapy when used concurrently with gentamicinampicillin is 5-7 days, then continue with ampicillin to 2 weeks.
In sepsis is given for 15-21 days or gentamicin plus ampicillin tonormalize cerebrospinal fluid examination (CSF) when meningitis is associated

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