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Is premature newborns with gestational age less than 37 weeks, weighing 2500 g and length of less than 47 cm. Premature weighs corresponding gestational age.
We know more degrees of prematurity. Depending on birth weight premature to classify these degrees: first degree corresponds children weighing between 2499-2000 g, grade II - 1999-1500 g, grade III - 1499-1000 g, grade IV - less than 1000 g.
Etiology of prematurity:
The causes that lead to preterm birth are numerous and diverse, often associating and being difficult to distinguish the contribution of each. It is difficult to separate causes from those that cause premature birth intrauterine growth delay.Known causes of premature births as generators can be divided into: causes obstetric, medical, social and Undiagnosed.
Obstetric causes include: uterine-womb infant, uterine malformations, chronic endometritis, uterine fibromatosis, dehiscence of the cervix, placenta, bleeding retroplancentare, detached early placenta, placenta praevia, pool starmt, twins, multipara, primary over 36 years and under 20 years.
Comprehensive medical causes vascular-renal syndrome.
Among the social causes are: trauma, excessive effort, vibrations, strong emotions, mental trauma, conflict, breach of hygiene rules.A 30% is the unknown causes.
Signs and symptoms of prematurity:
The clinical picture of premature baby provides a child with a large head circumference of which is third in size, anterior fontanelle is large and thinning hair. Newborn baby girl small, triangular, with a senile appearance. His mouth is big and sharp chin. Implanted ear pavilions are down, stuck to his head, with poor development of cartilage.On examination the devices and systems can notice a small chest, weak, comes in contrast with voluminous abdomen, flank widened due to weakness.The newborn attention inspctia red skin, thin, fragile, covered with lanugo abundant over the entire body, physiological descuamatia is extended lamellar or furfuracee.Elastic tissue is missing, and the fat is very poorly represented what enteritis wrinkled skin on the body. The muscle is hypotonic, hypotrophy, hipokinetic.
Different points of ossification are delayed, and help determine the approximate age prematurely: point of ossification appears calcanean 6 months of gestation, the astragalian 9 months, the distal epiphysis of the femur (Beclard) occurs close to birth.In making the necessary measurements to find a chest perimeter whose size varies between 25-31 cm, a thoracic perimeter of 23 cm has a poor prognosis, the infant in question was considered unsustainable.
Prematurity itself is a risk factor due to immaturity of organs and systems through short gestation and difficulties adapting to life outside the womb.

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