Thursday, June 23, 2011

Neonatal infections - TORCH syndrome

Overall incidence of infections in the TORCH syndrome is approximately 2, 5% of infants living one.
The incidence of infections caused by microorganisms maternal and fetal in syndrome

Ways of transmission of this syndrome are: marrow(transplacental), the most common, upward through the genital tract of infected amniotic fluid, neonatal herpes likely mechanism,intrapartum maternal faeces for enteroviruses by secretions with blood, cesarean for hepatitis viruses , HIV.

Impaired fetal and neonatal interaction depends on several factors:
- The age when the mother is infected: abortion and infant died at birth when fetal infection occurs more frequently in gestational ageis less;
- Virulence and cellular tropism of the pathogen;
- Fetal gate;
- Primary or recurrent infection in the mother, maternal primaryinfection can cause fetal injury higher than recurrent infection,probably due to protection caused by placental transfer of antibodies early;
- If the fetus and the newborn received transfer of antibodies from the mother.

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