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Dentofobia afraid of applying a dental treatment, which by extension is the fear of the dentist. Dentofobia even if the person is not experiencing a physical stimulus, but the memory process or situation that caused this fear. Thus, a total dentofob refuse to get in touch with your dentist or any situation that it includes.

People worldwide suffer from an intense fear of the dentist and back can be many reasons, such as embarrassment to the doctor about poor oral hygiene, fear of pain, traumatic experiences in the past, fear of dentist end after others said so.

Dentofobia is caused by our unconscious mechanism that protects us from what they think on some level may be a danger to us, in this case the dentist as a threat. It is usually caused by unresolved emotional conflict.

Whether it's genetic or just luck, oral health is different from one person to another. Some people are able to withstand years between visits to the dentist without having a huge impact on their oral health. Others are likely to have tooth decay and gum disease, no matter how often wash their teeth and floss. These things sometimes lead to an attitude of rejection of a dental treatment, creating a vicious circle with serious repercussions.

Most people exhibit instinctive fear of the dentist, which is dental anxiety. It can be a reaction which occurs when they are dealing with something new, unknown.

Dental anxiety is different from dental phobia. Most people can face anxiety related to visiting the dentist, but for those suffering from dentofobie this visit is scary, avoid visiting the dentist, enduring pain. This has a negative impact on oral health of the patient.

Also dentofobiei implications are also found in the patient's general health status. Sufferers dentofobie, besides poor oral health are prone to heart disease or lung. team has identified a deficiency of information on this topic and also dentofobilor need information about their problem. Therefore, if you find yourself in the above description, watch our site shortly. Will follow, for you, a series of articles in which we try to answer all your questions and help you to understand the problem and why not to solve.

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