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Intercourse itself

Intercourse itself

Sexual intercourse is the act by which man and woman acupleaza, act allows fertilization and thus reproduction. But sexual intercourse is practiced not only serves to have children, but for the pleasure it produces. Increasingly more speaking today about the need to give your partner pleasure, without which you can not get personal satisfaction.
 Intercourse itself
What attracts a girl and a boy to each other is the emotion of love and sexual motivation which combines and dominate each other because of the senses, but also ideas, imagination, culture and feelings of both partners. All is the desire to have sexual intercourse, desire driven and controlled by several factors nervous and hormonal nature.

In men, under the influence of desire, penis and increases its volume suddenly changes its position, the position with thighs parallel to perpendicular position thighs. This phenomenon erection is due to the inflow of blood into the penis, as presented above.
 Intercourse itself
In women, the desire effect less visible, but equally important: a rush of blood to the vagina and small droplets of liquid that eliminates its level to facilitate intercourse. Vagina change, the upper part is oval while the third narrows it down to keep the penis during acuplarii.

Intercourse, specific to each person, takes place in four phases, which each have their own time:
- Phase excitation;
- Penetration phase,.
- Phase of pleasure;
- The relaxation phase.
 Intercourse itself
Phase arousal or desire is that the man and woman ready for intercourse. Next phase of penetration, the penetration of the penis into the vagina, which lasts until orgasm.

Pleasure or orgasm phase is short but high intensity peak of sexual pleasure. Is followed by a relaxation phase which returns to normal, before intercourse.
Intercourse is not important, but success was, that both the mutual satisfaction of both partners.

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