Thursday, November 15, 2012

Loss of desire (libido)

Loss of desire (libido)

Other names: sexual apathy, aversion to sex, inhibited sexual desire

Sexual inhibition is a low sex drive. Manifests itself in two ways: either the person is not never had too much interest in sex or had but no longer is. Situation can exist where a person has sexual desire but from the partner but not to others. In this extreme situation the person not only manifest but feels sexual desire and repulsion towards sex. Sometimes it can be just a discrepancy between the two levels of sexual desire downstairs. Rarely, it happens that the situation is in fact different: apathy person accused of sexual partner without realizing that fact itself suffers from sexual hyperactivity (high sexual desire).
 Loss of desire (libido)
Causes and Risks:
Sexual apathy is one of the most common problems reported by sex therapy clinics. Increasingly important cause of inhibited sexual desire is the problem within a couple: one person feels intimately close to each other, a communication problem between the two, lack of affection between the two which leads to a lack of sexual cotact very less time spent together. The first manifestation of sexual apathy is due to negative attitudes toward sexual intercourse or traumatic experiences (rape, incest, sexual abuse). Also a hormonal disorder, depression and stress, or excessive fatigue can influence the sexual desire. Besides these, the level of sexual desire can be influenced by diseases or impaired sexual nature. A person who does not have an orgasm or has pain with intercourse, problems with erection, ejaculation late may lose interest in sex. This person will associate sex with failure or lack of pleasure. Persons who have been subject to abuse a child or have a marriage devoid of emotional intimacy are at risk.
 Loss of desire (libido)
An effective method to combat sexual apathy is greater attention to moments of nonsexual intimacy. Activitatatile romantic moments or sexual unladen may be helpful for a relationship.

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