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That facilitates conception sex: sex positions for conception

That facilitates conception sex: sex positions for conception

You failed to plan properly fertile period, you are required physical and mental conception and you are about to enjoy your privacy, while desiring to conceive. Before initiating a planned process of conception is better to know some aspects regarding the tricks that can help you take advantage of your sexuality and fertility

Although there are many unproven scientifically valid explanation to differentiate certain sexual positions for conception timely according to their possibilities of optimization to increase the chances that the woman was pregnant.
Sex is a natural process and does not require instruction and guidance for practicing it. But there are a number of recommendations regarding the sexual positions that favor conception: those sexual positions that allow deep vaginal penetration and easier way to sperm cervix. There are a number of "myths" that certain sexual positions favor the conception of a child with a specific genre (confirmed in some cases refuted in others - in some documentation specifying a plurality of meeting requirements need to allow sex selection stage The preconception).
Gravity - a reliable aid in the design
If an ideal design process is the partner's sperm to reach closer to the cervix (neck of the connection between the ovaries and uterus, positioned at the lower end of the uterus). With gravity, the sperm move faster toward the fallopian tubes, so it is vital not to act against gravity, but more than that to give him a helping hand in finding the ideal position (lifting legs and pelvis at a level higher than the trunk and uterus, positioning a pillow under your pelvis, propping feet up the wall, etc.).
Vaginal flora is acidic for sperm so it is recommended that sperm should not be detained too long in the vagina and be circulated as soon as the uterus.
That facilitates conception sex: sex positions for conception
Preparing for conception sex
For the design process to occur it is essential that a spermaotoziud to fertilize an egg.
Women of childbearing potential "chemistry" body and uterus facilitates sperm survival and movement of sperm to the uterus (provides an environment less acidic and less hostile to sperm), his mental state contributes to cell preparation for the event concept (uterine contractions in response male ejaculation are more dynamic if the woman is relaxed). Considering these aspects ideal for design partners must find a way to arouse a woman's physical and mental relaxation.

She must ensure hygiene and avoid using vaginal canal artificial lubricants that slow moving sperm (except those that create a friendly environment their survival, Pre-seed, female lubricant).
It is well before you engage in a sexual act taking your basal temp, if this seems slightly high, it is possible to find during ovulation (when conception is suitable for 2-3 days before periaodei of ovulation).
Following sexual positions and techniques can be used both to enhance design opportunities and as a method of pregnancy prevention (through avoidance).

Positions of sex - sex position for design optimization
! Important: There is a fairly large percentage of women who have a tilted uterus or retroversion (usually diagnosed during a routine gynecological exam). The uterus is normally vertical position or pointing forward to the bladder, a little concave in previous capatatul - a retroversion uterus is directed back to the coccyx (the triangular bone at the base of the spine). Uterus position is important because it determines the position of the cervix is ​​usually turned to the pubic bone. Thus for deep penetration and larger near the cervix have mentioned some specifications regarding the positions that facilitate conception in women with a uterus retroversion.
That facilitates conception sex: sex positions for conception
Ideal position for conception is the man above - missionary (man on top). For women with a uterus retroversion ideal position for conception is pentrararea from behind (doggie style).

>>> Missionary (man on top) - the best sexual position for conception
It is considered the best position for a woman to get pregnant. Reason: This position allows for deeper penetration and sperm storage closer to the cervix. Although for many couples seem boring position, it has several variants (woman with hips elevated with a pillow under the seat, feet raised on the shoulders of the woman partner) and is most effective for conception (conception myths circulating among the idea that this position would favor the conception of a girl).
Technically called, sexual alignment position (CAT - alignement coital technique) and crab position are suitable not only for conception but also maximizes clotoridiana stimulate and intensify orgasm clitoritidian. When sperm is ejaculated into the vagina, orgasm contractions are strong enough to propel the semen fallopian tubes.

- The woman should lie on her back at least 15 minutes after intercourse (after ejaculation) for not acting against gravity - lifting legs at an angle of 30 degrees or placing a pillow under your pelvis may be useful in this regard.
- For a woman with a uterus retroversion avoid placing a pillow under your pelvis and lift your legs after intercourse because semen treava not over the cervix. Lying on your stomach for 15 minutes.
- If you have or are prone to urinary tract infections, avoid relaxation time in bed as the doctor advises them to go to the bathroom right after intercourse.

> Position Crab
Technical description: man on top, woman with legs bent back and pulled the breasts, a small pillow is placed under the woman's pelvis support and deep penetration.
During intercourse the man slid over her body making a stimulation of the clitoris with the penis base. After ejaculation, sperm retention position and directing it facilitates the cervix.

Penetration from behind >>>
Technical description: woman supports hands (or elbows) and penetration is back, she can sit on his stomach and the man above her leave without weight on it. Conception is the perfect fit for women with a uterus retroversion. It is said that this position favors the conception of a boy (through the flow and storage of sperm in the cervix).
Ensure deep penetration missionary position, anterior cervix, while this position favors the penetration of the posterior cervix.

> Both on one side
This position ensures exposure and cervix: the two partners are lying side by side, facing in the same direction, and the penetration is from behind.

> Position anchor
Technical description: woman sitting back slightly inclined to the right with your left foot against your shoulder man knelt in front of her.
The importance of orgasm for conception
Studies made by sexologists officially established as orgasms during sexual favors retention conception because the sperm in the vagina longer and due to the pelvic muscle contractions (helps to "pick" sperm in the vagina to the cervix, uterus and Fallopian tubes) .
The necessary condition is that the partners reach orgasm together or orgasm partner would come to no more than 40 minutes after ejaculation man. When man reaches orgasm is advisable to not change their position and carefully pull the semen was completely eliminated inside the vagina.
That facilitates conception sex: sex positions for conception
Positions for sex favors conception - advice
* Relax in bed
If you wish to conceive after intercourse will not immediately lift the bed, not jump, run, preferably is lying in bed, with a pillow under the pelvic region (gravity gave additional support for the sperm to travel to the fallopian tube ). This recommendation should be ignored by women suffering from urinary tract infections (doctor recommended to go immediately to the bathroom).
Another option is lying on your back and pedal in the air (like cycling) or lean legs stretched out on the wall with the pelvis slightly elevated.

* Pelvic muscles - exercises strengthen the pelvic
- Beneficial for partners and conception (control ejacualrii, the genital muscles, the vaginal muscle contractions).
Unfavorable positions for conception
It is true that unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy but always for couples encounter certain difficulties there are a number of tips to increase their chances of conception: not favor certain positions semen flow (antigravity):
- Sex in standing or sitting position - does not allow for deep penetration and gravity acts against the flow of semen but is said to favor the conception of a boy.
- Position the woman on top - does not allow semen to reach the destination (cervix), but for the most fortunate is a favorable position if you want to conceive a girl.
That facilitates conception sex: sex positions for conception
For some women, some couples the concept is extremely simple: unprotected sex. For others it is more difficult. It is important to not give up, do not sacrifice your relationship and train various methods to increase chances to get pregnant partner: changing diet, exercising regularly, changing fertility treatments, take care of your lifestyle (and partner).
Sexologists say but the best method is cocepe a child sex free, unrestricted, uninhibited, passionate and wild sex - technically called "gourmet sex" that focuses on satisfying sexual partner.

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