Monday, November 26, 2012

Flossing history

Flossing history

Have you ever thought who invented floss when you enjoy how it cleans teeth?
Dental floss is an ancient invention. Some researchers have found evidence that prehistoric human teeth using dental floss and toothpicks.

Who invented dental floss?

Levi Spear Parmly (1790-1859), a dentist in New Orleans is the inventor of modern dental floss (or perhaps reinvented the term is more appropriate). Dentist Parmly promoted in 1815, cleaning teeth with a silk thread.
  In 1882, a Massachusetts company began mass production of silk floss for commercial home use.
Flossing history
Who patented floss?

In 1898, The Johnson and Johnson Company of New Jersey has received a patent for dental floss. Dr. Charles C. Bass has improved floss existence at that time, changing the use of silk using nylon, because the latter has a high strength and elasticity. This replacement took place during the Second World War. Dr. Bass was responsible to perform a type of floss as an important part of oral hygiene.

Flossing history
Today we provide a wide range of types of floss, the most commonly used is the nylon menthol to give a touch of freshness in the mouth. Companies producing nylon floss using a biodegradable, not to harm the environment.

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