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Fear, anxiety or dental phobia?

Fear, anxiety or dental phobia?

It happens often to use the terms "fear of the dentist", "dental anxiety" and "dental phobia" as having the same meaning. But these terms are different. And to really understand your problem, we present the following peculiarities of each and the differences between them:

Fear of the dentist

It is a reaction to a known danger occurs when a person faces threatening stimulus. Reaction might be called the "fight or flight". When this reaction is becoming stronger, becoming phobic.
Fear, anxiety or dental phobia?
Dental Phobia

It is based on fear, stronger and irrational. The reaction is going on, image, memory of that situation, for example. This can lead to an immediate anxiety response, which may take the form of a panic attack. Hence the total refusal of the person who comes in contact with your dentist.

Dentofobiei causes can be previous bad experiences with dentists or family or heard stories from different people about dental treatment.

Its consequences on the social life of the patient are major depression occurring, maximum stress, fear the appearance of teeth and unable to integrate.
Fear, anxiety or dental phobia?
Dental Anxiety

It is a reaction to an unknown danger when an individual anticipates the worst from simple dental procedures. Anxiety is a common problem and a lot of people is tested by this feeling especially when they are faced with something new, unknown.

Cause of the shows and types of anxiety. The exogenous occur because of a medical act traumatic childhood and is manifested by tremors, damp palms and hands, rapid heart rate and stomach pain. On the other hand, endogenous anxiety occurs after frightening experiences in adolescence or in adulthood and is manifested by shortness of breath and nervousness.

The major difference between anxiety and phobia is that most people can live with this anxiety feeling restless or just embarrassed, fear exaggerating. But those with dental phobia feel intense fear and dental control becomes a traumatic experience. They are the ones who support any dentist not work.

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  1. That dental phobia is rough! I thought my nerves at the dentist were too much, but some people have to deal with so much more. I hope that they find a way to get through it.

    Anita Mas |