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Sex education for teenagers

Sex education for teenagers

Sexual education is necessary for the younger generation.

Sex education is a broad term that includes both information about sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction, sexual intercourse itself, sexual and reproductive health, emotional relations, rights and respsonsabilitatile sexual abstinence, contraception and about various aspects of human sexual comportmentului.
This is what we offer as a definitive theory. In reality, sex education is more complex, you each human life and health, sexuality occurs because each person's life from birth. It is part of every individual's life lessons necessary.

Sexual education is necessary to children (preschool, school) but also the new generation of teenagers. Given the growing level of exposure to information about sex in school, among peers of the same age or older, a person's intervention is important to clarify certain issues, questions, curiosities. Sexual education is the need to teach young people what it means privacy, but to provide a general perspective on what it means reproductive system, methods of contraception and STDs, and more than that enable them to establish themselves what sexual identity, gender role of each sex in the family, society, body perception, relationships with persons of the same sex and the opposite sex.
Sex education for teenagers
In sexuality education is very important that your child will receive accurate and correct information about both sexes, synthesized according to age and his desire for knowledge and understanding cpacitatii. It is unfair to try to ignore the fact that they are aware of their sexuality, regardless of the age at which they are. Parents should be prepared to answer their children properly and maturity level of exposure. But first of all parents should develop a relationship early communication and friendship with their children to have a positive attitude toward sex. According to studies, children well informed about male and female anatomy much easier to bear physical and emotional changes during puberty.
Sexual education positively affect adolescent
Thus he becomes more tolerant regarding certain types of behaviors, options, etc..
Also studies worldwide have indicated that sex education programs based on abstinence were not at all effective.
It is false that teenagers undergo sex education will be more curious and begin sexual relations earlier. Instead it acondus to reduce sexual activity, increase condom use rates and other contraceptive methods.
Usually aa experimentation desire sex, masturbation and homosexuality occurs when extremely curious, are unaware of are not educated and are exposed to pornographic material.
Although people who should ensure that sex education (parents, teachers, instructors specialize) have their own attitudes and beliefs about sex and sexuality, it is important to present information in an objective, avoiding the influence in a negative way education that provide.
Sex education should not prevent or prohibit people to have sex, but effective sex education should develop certain attitudes and concepts with specific skills to offer young people the opportunity to decide on the basis of accurate information if they are ready or if you want to initiate a sexual relationship.
Sex education for teenagers
An effective sex education should provide young people the opportunity to explore themselves why people have sex, to what extent efecteaza emotions involve people, respect for oneself and for others, their feelings, their decisions. To understand certain things about life, the teenager should have the chance to explore sexual differences between genders, ethnicity and sexuality as options and can affect people's feelings. They must realize that mocking, teasing, steoreotipurile, abuse and exploitation can influence megativ relationships.
Tips for teens when it comes to sexuality
> Is it ok to be embarrassed when talking about sex. Is a more sensitive issue but you must have the courage to ask those questions that you grind your thoughts.
> Sex education is not just information about intercourse.
> Try to talk about sex with parents / doctor / school psychologist / relative you trust (less with age aceesi people prefer to keep a reliable source).
> Warning regarding the details and pitfalls of the Internet, you can find instead encyclopedias and books, according to your age.
> Do not engage in behavior which does not even want to talk - it means you're not yet ready to initiate the behavior.
> It is ok to say "I'm not ready for that yet!" Whether certain information or certain sexual behaviors. Sexuality has absorbed more information in education and it is better to wait until you are able to confront certain issues.
1. There must be always agree with everything.
Balanced discussion regarding the differences of opinion should not promote a particular set of beliefs or another and should not be a supporter of a single set of concepts. Part of sexual exploration and understanding of cultural perspectives, religious and moral of this topic is to discover what YOU agree or disagree.
2. Pornography is not sex education. Are not fantasy-relevant information.
Sexual education is about promoting the idea of ​​desire, consent and sexual pleasure as long as intercourse is held responsible. It teaches you about the comfort of your own body and removing inhibitions.
What information should be provided to adolescents?
Sexual education involves adding new information on sex and human relationships and the correction of incorrect information gained. Topics need to be addressed in adolescent sex education:
* Sexual development and reproduction.
* Fertility and conception / contraception.
* Love affairs and relationships.
* Sexuality and sexual diversity, different religious and cultural approaches.
* Abortion.
* Confidentiality and privacy.
* Ways to deal with pressure other teens.
* Consimtamatul sex.
* The range of sources of support, advice available.
School and family role in sexuality education
Parents are the persons who most trusted children and adolescents. School would also be a formal and informal source of information about sexuality (especially if the parents are overwhelmed and they had no access to sex education properly).
Young people are important to society and have invested in them to protect their health, life and can help educate their peers.
Teenagers are especially vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections because they do not show stability in relationships and frequently change their partners. Moreover they are susceptible to peer pressure and media images, and some of them are even sexually exploited by adults.
When should sex education begin?
The age at which children should be given information about sexuality depend on the physical, emotional and intellectual development of the young, as well as his level of understanding.
But it is important to start at an early age and supported fageda especially during adolescence, a period of confusion and hormonal changes.
Around the age of 4-5 years the first question is "How I came into the world?" And the stork story is harmful to the child. Then you will know for sure that he is ready to absorb information about sexuality.
Danger lack of sex education in children and adolescents
Adults should not feel uncomfortable talking to teens about sex or to ignore the existence of sex. You can fool themselves but so will expose their children to dangerous curiosity.
For some unlucky teenagers their first sexual experience physical or emotional fsot a disaster, ended with a pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease.
Adolescents become sexually active at a young enough age. A teenager of 15 is exposed much more risk than a 20 years.
Child Psychology specialists say parents will have to answer children's questions about sexuality according to stage of development and the amount of information that he is willing to absorb. The key to success is the sharing of the value system of parents and adolescents, but not through forced taxation but through effective communication. Children, adolescents who feel connected to family values ​​will be more open in terms of discussions with parents about sex and even avoid sexual beginning at an early age.
Sex education for teenagers
Sex education is part of the anti-rape education
Sex education is not just to take preventive measures to combat physical and emotional consequences of a sexual relationship, but an education that sex is a normal part of life, a healthy practice, the various forms that must be practiced consensual pleasure and challenge participants .
It is true that those convicted of society that cause these cruel acts will take into account the seriousness of his actions by the mere mention of these issues. But maybe educate people to avoid certain situations or individuals will learn how to react in certain cases. Sex education is important in this case potenriale victims or victims of rape, should offer young enough tools to recognize and react against sexual abuse.
But if you want to learn about what sexual assault in an intelligent way to know what it means to be active consent of - voluntary (to remove violaturilor defense "did not say no and I thought she has given consimtamatul passive"). This eliminates common misconception is that sex is considered rape just in case someone says no or fight back with physical violence, but it is considered rape - sex where consent is voluntary and freely expressed.

Sex education is part of the anti-sexual assault education
Sexual abuse of children is a serious problem to society but it is a reality that we face. Whether abusers are teenagers, parents, known or unknown of the victim, psychopaths or just curious, these problems come from a lack of sex education in childhood, adolescence, some sexual frustration.
Most conservative society of individuals would prefer to completely ban sex until a certain age, without further explanation, however. Do you think this would solve the problems imposed sexual abstinence or sexual abuse? Lack of information can be just as damaging to a child / adolescent as providing wrong information.
There are many types of sexual abuse such as inappropriate touching, caressing, voyeurism, exposure to pornography, forcing the sexual practices etc. Can be singular or repeated abuse to teenage inhibiting normal development of the child / adolescent.
Sex education (both children and parents) can help early detection of symptoms, signs, clues that could prevent such an act of cruelty.
Often teenagers run away from home as a way to escape, do not tell anyone what is happening because they do not feel safe to tell, I do not know who to address it or not given enough credibility. Sex education is very important in the unlikely event of a child victim of sexual abuse come to understand what is happening so they can talk about it, explains.
Psychologists specialize in child psychology say not speaking children curious about sexuality he will seek information elsewhere - thus becoming easy prey for child abuser ready to draw answers on this topic.
Sex education for teenagers
Information is power, and power gives you confidence. Contribute to the education of children / teens and parent alike to save at least one of the 1000 annual abused children in Romania (official).

Besides these mentioned issues, sex education is a complex and sometimes inaccessible to certain groups of people because of cultural differences, religious. You do need attention and to manifest on these groups, and young parents, early manifestations of homosexuality and lesbianism, bisexuality. We must find a way to get the necessary information from those who do not have access to certain public services, schools, doctors, and socially vulnerable (refugees, young institutionalized young street).

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