Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oxygen as treatment helpful

Oxygen as treatment helpful

    Administration of oxygen the body is beneficial and useful for both prevention and treatment of diseases and for improving overall body condition.

    As a method of therapy, administration of oxygen is essential for patients with severe respiratory failure when the doctor recommends it as an indispensable method to continue the fight with the disease.

    There are, however, a number of situations where oxygen administration, if not indispensable, is beneficial and make improvements consistent patient's condition. In these cases there is no need sophisticated equipment or expensive because therapy is only helpful. Often, when the patient is at rest, is sufficient oxygen administration without mask near his face. Also, use only low flow rates and short-term administration.
Oxygen as treatment helpful
Oxygen as treatment helpful
    These treatments are indicated for potential beneficiaries account such as:
- For those in a period of intense intellectual effort, as if in preparation for an exam students. Ensure regaining attention given oxygen, increases concentration and decreases the need for sleep.
- Recovery after strenuous exercise such as sports training or fitness sessions. Oxygen generates force, energy, increase stamina and decrease recovery time.
- For pregnant women, activating blood circulation and exchange of substances between mother and fetus.
- For seniors, giving freshness and vitality, ensuring at the same time, a state of relaxation.
- For smokers and drinkers. Restores normal lung function, eliminate hangovers and maximize organ function.
- In the case of female beauty treatments, dissolved oxygen in the water for washing the skin elasticity, restore its beautiful color and healthy and finesse.
- For drivers you have to drive vehicles over long distances, oxygen administered solve drowsiness, headache, dizziness and breathing difficulties due to inhalation of exhaust in traffic and helps maintain attention.
- For patients with lower respiratory difficulties such as shortness of breath offset, etc. asthmatics in crisis.
- To relieve stress.

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