Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sexual response in elderly

Sexual response in elderly

In older women

Reactions to sexual response breasts are less obvious: congestion during excitation is lower, as well as post-orgasmic erection of the nipples.
Often post-coital dysuria may be a cause for anxiety and stress urinary incontinence can occur both during coitus and during orgasm bringing about negative psychological reactions and causes decreased interest in sexual activity.
Involuntary muscle contractions (myotonia) that accompany orgasm are less important but retains distribution of skin redness and intensity.
In post-menopausal estrogen deprivation due to the length and transverse diameter of the vagina reduce vaginal walls become thin and lacking in elasticity. Lubrication occurs with difficulty and Bartholin secretion due to diminished. For these reasons, arousal is relatively inefficient, producing orgasmic platform in plateau phase occurs with difficulty. Uterine contractions during orgasm can be quite strong and sometimes experience pain which leads to limitation of sexual activity.
Various factors moral, social and religious involved in the detention elderly female sexuality from orgasmic perception but also from sexual activity in general.
Sexual response in elderly
On older man

The time required grows more erect appearance, full erection is achieved later in plateau phase and the recovery of loss of erection is very slow if not impossible. Control ejaculation becomes much easier, feel ejaculation is imminent expulsion perceived and feeling pressure is often replaced by one of loss. The amount of ejaculate decreases and detumescenta post-orgasm penis occurs faster and refractory period may last for days.
Sexual response in elderly
Sexual performance and sexual response but decreases with age in relation to physiological changes occurring, the health of the individual, the ability to establish and maintain relationships but a coital sexual activity constant.


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