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Recommendations for sex conception

Recommendations for sex conception

Conception sex - sex planned
Sex sex remains should not change anything. False.

Bases of sex and sexual techniques remain the same, but when you want to conceive need some minor adjustments (avoid lubricants with spermicide, etc.).
When a couple have difficulty conceiving, sex becomes a necessity to achieve this purpose and can be mechanically can lead to sexual dysfunction is frustrating and can cause male infertility.
Trying to get pregnant or following administration of treatments for infertility, conception becomes a sex sex on demand as a result of many pressures on the couple.
Sex conception - requires good coordination intercourse with a woman's ovulation period, must take into account certain sexual positions that favor the conception and some recommendations to avoid jeopardizing the goal. All this planning, concern may affect your relationship, diminish sexual desire partners, sexual desire, pleasure and availability for sex seen as a burden.

When both partners are anxious about the process of conception, there are a number of obstacles transferred to the human body at the cellular level as a result of unhealthy attitudes: the power of mind over body. If you are not fully trained or have doubts about the process of conception can occur unconsciously jam, unconscious sabotage - which is very confusing for the person concerned, and harmful partner relationship and sexual life.
Recommendations for sex conception
When sexual health specialists refer to "trying to conceive / preconception plan" all sounds very scientific and precise, and what is most commonly ignored in this process mood, mood partners. Planned sex sexual spontaneity sacrificing torque, although outside the period of maximum fertility (max 5 days), stay at least 2-3 weeks in which sex can be as spontaneous and fun as before.
When we talk about sex in general, we refer to an expression often passionate, physical love between two partners. But when the final goal is the conception of a child sex becomes just a means of reaching the goal.
Why is so discouraging for men to demand sex (sex for conception)?
Generally it is said that men think about sex a lot (though not more than women) and their availability for intercourse is higher than women. It is therefore assumed that this "conception sex", "sex on demand" will not be very effective demand coming from the woman. The man is often the initiator of sex, a sexual act - react immediately thought that partner has only mood. But the call to msex ("Honey, it's time!") Is a real "turn off" for their condition.
Suddenly partner (or doctors) expect him to have sex after her moods. Man gets stressed because you can not have sexual performance on demand, use what feels diminished libido or more. Moreover guilt, helplessness - various negative emotions can lead to fertility problems.

Recommendations for sex conception
One of the issues that a couple has to consider when deciding to conceive a child is to be realistic about their expectations: even if there is no spontaneous sex should not become a chore. Even couples with children to enjoy their sexuality, their sex life. You should not ignore your sexual life, sexual pleasure just because you decided to have a baby or when it will come into the world.

Here are some useful recommendations to ease and streamline design during sex

# Avoid using lubricants, oils spermicide.
They affect sperm quality and semen flow slows and the cervix. Even if the lubricant does not contain spermicide may contain other harmful substances. If it is essential to use a lubricant using a "friendly" fertility.

# Call to natural treatments for fertility.
There are a number of herbal and natural treatments that restore a woman's ovulation cycle and improve semen quality.

# Avoid by washing after vaginal intercourse.
If you are trying to conceive, vaginal washes alters vaginal flora pH. Sperm need an alkaline-acid balance to survive. Moreover, water (washing solution) washes cervical mucus sperm carrying the uterus.

# Partner should avoid oral sex and anal sex.
Often used to spice, boost your sex life or as a prelude to intercourse - oral sex is not appropriate if you are trying to conceive because of existing bacteria in saliva that can cause infections or degrade semen. Slows saliva semen on his way to the egg.
Anal sex
Besides a single warning anal sex should not be a problem to diversify your sex life dedicated to new purpose: conception. Warning you of the obligation to sanitize penis male anal sex after the insertion to prevent bacteria in the vagina that could be a factor detrimental to egg fertilization process.
Sex toys
General rule: keep hygiene and avoid those toys sex toys that could cause damage to the scrotum or testicles (rings penis, penile clamps, traversing gathering and similar devices).

# Avoid hot water and sex.
When carrying out a sex in water there is a good chance that a lot of semen to lose. Should avoid practicing sex in water can adversely affect conception:
- Possibility of bacteria in the water contacting the chances of vaginal or urinary tract infection;
- The presence of chlorine in water adversely affects natural pH optimum vaginal environment for sperm survival;
- High temperature of the water (eg whirlpool) affects sperm production and quality, as well as egg.

# Switch contraception in advance.
Woman's body needs a period of rehabilitation, return to natural processes of the body's normal menstrual cycle.

# Maintain weight control.
- Female obesity leads to mesntraul cycle disorder, a disorder because fertility hormones and high levels of insulin in the body that affects the normal processes in the body and brain.
- A healthy, balanced diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants (vegetables and fruits) is essential for conception.
- Avoid foods containing pesticides after the cultivation, growing, processing - go on a diet of organic food.

# Remember that anxiety, stress, pressure are negative factors for conception - learning to cooperate and to confront feelings, rekindle passion in your sex life.

# Keep your sense of humor.
Sex on demand (fertility clinics) or conception sex can be extremely frustrating for couples, humor, gamboling with sexual connotations of love ii relieves stress and tension and restore the relationship to life.

# Avoid thinking about treatments for infertility treatment and other "rules" when sex conception.

# As long as you and your partner / a emotioanal are connected physically, sexual pleasure will be lo c-communicate your feelings, desires to maintain that connection. Be honest about your feelings about conception, pregnancy. Keep your lines of communication open.

# Separate fertility sexuality.
Your ability to conceive should not determine your sexuality. Distinguish conception of sex sex for pleasure and you will have a chance to be realistic and not fall into the trap that sex is always romantic and spontaneous.

# Enter in your diet those foods and nutrients that will increase fertility and chances of getting pregnant (folic acid, antioxidants from fruits and vegetables, proteins, etc.).

# Make sure that your environment is properly intravaginal conception.
For moving sperm survive in the vaginal environment is necessary to avoid vaginal sprays, wipes perfumes, flavors (the unbalanced pH of the vagina), artificial lubricants, vegetable oils and glycerin (because destroying sperm), saliva (bacterial of saliva kills sperm) and vaginal washes (which alters the normal acidity of the vaginal environment and cause infection or pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical mucus washing necessary to transport sperm to the cervix).
Recommendations for sex conception
Tantric sex sex good for conception and conception
Tantra is a spiritual development of methods and knowledge developed on Indian territory. It provides sexual energy and confidence in their own sensuality. Tantric sexual practices involving deep breathing and consciousness, eye contact and intense sexual pleasure that lasts longer.
As beneficial tantric sex for conception?
When torque is focused on design as they become more rigid spiritual pressure effect, which is not favorable release and egg fertilization. Tantric sex it just enhances spiritual side, mental conception sex: helping partners to be more expansive, more relaxed, provide necessary support body for fertilization.
Without in-depth study or become a follower of tantric practice there are many tantric sex exercises that can improve your sex life chances for conception. These will help to connect both physically and mentally to a higher level. Very important is maintaining eye contact during exercise coordination and synchronization of breathing the partners. Although sustained eye contact sometimes may seem silly, uncomfortable, it should not be avoided during deep breathing exercises and synchronization with the partner. Then follow erotic touches but without initiating intercourse, although tempting: experience sensations and feelings of sexual desire, mental and physical relaxation.
Breathing exercises increase blood flow and relax the pelvic muscles contribute to pelvic health. Exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles of the vagina and allow the body to prepare for conception and birth.

Recommendations for sex conception
A couple stressful life affects fertility, suppress ovarian activity and testosterone production. The first is necessary to conceive and the second for libido. Infertility is a frustrating problem for the couple, and drugs to treat it, ironically, diminished libido. Their role is to help you conceive not to have a better sex life, more active, your role is to be concerned about sexual health.

! Remember that sex should be fun, intervening whenever you with little things, little gestures to avoid capping or destruction of torque.
The road to conception is easier if the sex life is satisfactory.


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