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Conception twins - methods

Conception twins - methods

Twins and twins birth is a real fascination for many people and there are many couples who want a variety of reasons twins. Outside chance doctors, scientists have tried to find some ways or rather several factors that influence your chances of conceiving twins.

There are two types of twins: monozygotic (identical twins always the same sex) and dizygotic (twins alike, can be of different sexes are not identical).
To understand the concept of twins should start from how their conception. Conception of the two types of twins is different. Conception of identical twins is similar to that of a single child: identical twins are conceived through ovulation and fertilization of a single egg. Usually the conception of a child, the zygote divides into what will become the placenta, and amniotic sac embryo. In case of identical twins the zygote will divide in two completely separate and almost identical zygotes (twins DNA showed that there are still some differences in genetically between the two, despite the physical resemblance striking and profound emotional connection between them). In case of non-identical twins, there are two fertilized eggs that will lead to the development of different embryos similarly a single task.
Conception twins - methods
Frequency of identical twins in the world is about 1 set of twins to 250 births and is not dependent on race, heredity, age, number of pregnancies woman. Ovulation induction doubles the incidence of monozygotic twins.
Conception twins alike is influenced by race, heredity, maternal age, number of pregnancies of women and especially by fertility drugs. Regarding heredity, the mother is responsible for the inheritance of this gene.

If you are interested / discovery of ways to conceive twins, these are factors that could increase the chance and those who directly influence this possibility (of course there is no guarantee the success of these methods).

Science concepts twins
In terms of demographic trends observed an increase in twin pregnancies in the West (Western U.S.). Increasingly more women postpone conception of desire to accede to a certain devedere social ladder in terms of education, career, and due to lack of financial support and professional or intellectual overload. This trend correlates with extremely high chance of conceiving twins after overcoming maternal age of 30 years may explain the upward trend of twin pregnancies in decades.
Studies have shown that if the woman had twins / multiple chances are quite high that this phenomenon can be repeated (especially if the mother's family there were sets of twins).
Tehonologia smenificativ reproductive increased chances of conception of twins / multiple births: drugs that stimulate ovulation and insemination uintrauterina.
Fertilization treatments - drugs to stimulate ovulation
Also due to the postponement of conception is a risk of infertility due to old age, ovarian reserve located on end and fertility treatments remain a viable solution. But stimulates ovulation fertility treatments which increase the chances of fertilization simultaneous two-egg twins twins.
These drugs affect fertility hormones such as estrogen. The body is "tricked" to have a low estrogen levels, facilitating a chain reaction that induces ovulation. More eggs is more likely to conceive and even more chances of fertilization of several eggs at once.
But attention! Do not resort to fertility treatments unless you have some problems with fertility specialist doctor's approval. Do not imagine that you can go to the pharmacy to ask these types of drugs just because you want twins. These fertility drugs are administered only when difficulties arise in natural conception.
There are risks regarding the administration of substances for fertility and therefore no ethical doctor will not recommend such treatment only if the woman can not get pregnant.
In vitro fertilization - assisted reproduction
Generally women seeking IVF as a last resort to conceive are more embryos implanted (at least two embryos). Although often not all embryos survive implantation in vitro and not always successful, there is a very high chance of success at least two embryos (especially if you find an environment embryos develop a normal healthy balanced diet, minerals sufficient vitamins).
Recently found an increase monozygotic twin pregnancies unexplained among patients turning to in vitro fertilization (IVF).
Conception twins - methods
Random chance, natural conception twins
Heredity - Family history

If the woman's family there were twins there is a very high chance of inheritance of the gene that produces hiperovulatie and therefore the chances of conceiving twins / multiple increase. But this can only generate gene inherited alike twins (dizygotic twins) but there is no guarantee in this regard (activating gene may skip a generation or two). Unfortunately if there were twins paternal family there the same effect (such coincidences occur but there is no proven recurrence).

Ethnicity and race

Although this factor is very little control must know that there is a higher chance of conceiving twins for ethnic African-American woman, and less likely if the mother is Caucasian while Asian women and hispanicele have the fewest opportunities.

Women's weight and height

Rigorous research on their own development environment of twins / multiple revealed that there is a profile of the ideal mother of twins: a woman aged 40-45 years with a tall and slightly full (careful not obese, obesity attract female infertility or pregnancy problem!).
The reason for this correlation lies in the body's ability to accelerate ovulation as it gets older (hiperovulatie) and moderate fat tissue, fixing and protecting favors the survival of embryos.
Less pleasant side of this aspect is represented by quite high risks of miscarriage, complications during pregnancy, gestational diabetes, premature birth, chromosomal abnormalities in babies.
Thus according to study American College of Gynecology and Obstetrics 30 women with body index are more likely to have a twins than those with an index lower body.

Maternal age

Although it seems a bit odd considering promoting infertility risk with age and the difficulties of conception and pregnancy for women aged 35-40 years, the odds for twins arcina bone (for a successful conception) are quite high. The reason for this is likely due to increased hormonal changes that occur during pre-menopause and excess production FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) which causes more multiple ovulations with eggs.

Desire to have a large family

If you and you financially and emotionally support a family need high: the more children you have more chance of conceiving twins both higher. No one knows the magic limit of tasks but attracts twins / multiple. You just have to try to succeed. Again: make sure you can care and provide a decent life your children will not venture into this adventure but if you feel ill and have the necessary resources.

Length of Day - influence factor for twin pregnancy?

Yes. Day length - natural light of the sun - influences the life cycle of women and the menstrual cycle and ovulation and thus stimulating hormone hormones such twin pregnancies are more likely occurrence in July than in January.

Conception during breastfeeding

Although there were assumptions according to which during lactation ovulation process is interrupted, the evidence refute this hypothesis are many women who became pregnant while nursing process and more than that number of twin pregnancies between them was quite high. The reason is the excess calcium in the body with beneficial effects on conception and ovulation.
Conception twins - methods
Conception while taking hormonal contraceptives

Hormonal contraceptives such as birth control pills are effective anticoceptionalelor in 99, 9% of cases if taken correctly. That risk of 0, 1% (consistent pill is not given in time, there is a conflict with certain medications or provide sufficient protection to prevent ovulation) usually is materialized in a twins / multiple.
In other cases, the excess hormone doses or frequent changes of hormonal contraceptives may cause hiperovulatia and thus increase the chances of twins / multiple.

Conception twins naturally - encouraging hiperovulatiei
By methods stimulating ovulation - your chances of conceiving twins increases significantly. But if the medically necessary are healthy and are not different fertility treatments or drugs, here is how you can "cause" natural hiperovulatia without risks or unpleasant consequences.
Folic acid supplements
Folic acid is a supplement taken by women during preconception and conception and in early pregnancy to prevent birth defects and contribute to the development of the nervous system of the baby. Folic acid does not increase the chances of Ramna pregnant, but provide necessary support embryo survival after conception (is an essential element, essential for embryonic development - synthetic compound of folate, a B vitamin found in leafy greens, green vegetables and liver).
A recent study revealed that women who consume folic acid preconeptie period were 40% more likely to have twins than a woman who did not were given folic acid supplements.
Another study in the UK showed that folic acid increases the chances of having twins if in vitro fertilization. Increased dosage of folic acid resulted in the survival of both embryos implanted in the womb to ensure successful fertilization, resulting in a pregnancy with twins.
An American nutritionist, in some studies, concluded that the chances of conception of twins can be increased by administering progesterone cream to the skin. The idea started from the fact that many women use progesterone cream you go through the menopause and helps the pituitary gland to eliminate the occasional egg.
Progesterone is secreted by the corpus luteum (endocrine structure of the breasts) and placenta responsible for preparing the body for pregnancy and maintaining pregnancy until birth.
An increase in the dosage of these creams with progesterone resulted in an increase chances of conception, design and more than twins / multiple. Attention! Consult your physician for more information and recommendations.
Nutrition - diet concept woman's twins
Good nutrition, rich in vitamins and minerals is the first step to design in general, more so when you want your body to support a charge double / multiple.
Nutritionists have studied the impact of nutrition on conception and its results and concluded that a diet based on animal protein and dairy products contribute to increasing the rate of conception of twins: twins conception rate in vegetarians is only a fifth of women who consume protein animals.
The reason for this difference lies in enhancing production protein called insulin (Insulin Grow Factor) in women. This protein facilitates the release by the ovaries oveulelor follicular stimulating hormone, increasing the chances that two or more eggs to be fertilized simultaneously.
If vegetarienelor IGF protein level is low and the rate of twins is also low, supporting the theory that a diet based on dairy and animal products increase the chances of conception. (IGF protein concentration is 13 percent lower in women who have adopted a strict vegetarian diet).
Consumption of milk and beef increases the chances of conceiving twins due to natural protein that stimulates the production of multiple eggs.
Yams-natural secret double fertilization
More research nutriotioniste agree that this tropical plant, yams ("yam" roots "cassova") with large tubers, rich in starch and edible is secret twin pregnancies / multiple frequencies in a very African tribe.
For members of this tribe is the staple food yams and its population grows substantially each pair of twins or multiple pregnancies occurring.
Conception twins - methods
The exact cause is unknown but studille revealed some secrets plausible explanations for this plant:
- Phytoestrogens in these plant and peel fresh tubers contain a chemical that causes hiperovulatia;
- Plant contains a progestin hormone involved in carrying out normal menstrual cycle;
This exotic plant is high in three substances that increase female fertility:
- An amino acid that increases the fertility of women, according endocrionologistilor reproductive arginine contributing to increased egg quality in older women (study attempting to prove overcome barriers caused by age at conception);
- Aspartic acid is synthesized from arginine;
- Glutamic acid that is a component of folate
In supermarkets a variety of exotic plant it called "yam" is represented by exotic sweet potatoes. Besides its nutritional qualities and that is a delicious alternative with a low glycemic index, they also contain high amounts of vitamin A and increase lactation in nursing women.
Yet many parents of twins do not meet any of the criteria mentioned and have twins whether they wanted it or not. Monozigori twins are particularly mysterious highly in terms of their design and development: that is the factor that determines the separation of the egg after conception, resulting in identical twins? Research continues ... But often you can say luck or destiny is a successful conception twins outside without an adjuvant.

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