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Preconception for Men

Preconception for Men
Although most attention is directed against women (because she is the bearer of pregnancy), 50% of the genetic material comes from man and therefore it is important that both partners are equally involved in a program of care during of preconception because each contributes 50% to a healthy concept (even if there's a problem with fertility).
Men are not recommended prenatal vitamins and exercise to help saricinii period, but they need to know some very important questions about diet and fitness, negative factors, damaging the hazards that could damage the product of conception.

In the U.S. and Western European countries put great emphasis on preconception in men, but in Romania there is still a wrong mentality (Couple) that only women need to take care of your body and her health at conception. Man should support her in her approach to optimize health in preconception and do the same thing both for his health and to facilitate partner approach. Although the woman physically wear product conception in the body or both contribute to the conception, formation, development and growth of.
A step made in Romania DAD I consider online educational program that is intended to be a guide for young fathers in the first year of baby's life (includes several chapters starting from the exit of maternity care visit to the doctor).
Preconception for Men
What does the preconception period for men?
Attention / instructions from preconception is as important for men as for women. The formation of sperm, because spermatozoiziii be able to fertilize an egg, last 3 months. A woman's egg is likely Injury to 100 days before initiating ovulation process and how sperm formation takes about 116 days, the doctor recommends adoption of appropriate lifestyle concept about 4 months before you decide to conceive. Awareness of the importance of this period by men and follow our instructions will improve preconception and sperm volume and will significantly increase the chances of a healthy conception and a healthy baby.

What are the benefits of preconception care?
In preconception health care for women and for Babri has many benefits:
Identify and solve problems >> infertility in both women and men;
>> Reduces the risk of miscarriage, premature birth and infant death;
>> Improves overall health and reproductive health;
>> Help overcome post-natal depression.

Preconception Health aims to ensure supply the body with all the nutrients and minerals essential factors for the welfare of sperm, ova and fetus and eliminating those factors that can compromise overall health or pathogens that affect the developing fetus.
Several research and evidence to show that many physicians problematic situations such as subfertilitatea male (mild and reversible decrease the possibility of fertilization), miscarriage, low birth weight newborn, premature birth, malformation, breast-feeding difficulties, handicaps, hyperactivity, learning deficit, speech, asthma, eczme, low resistance to infection are problems that can be provided on time with a special emphasis on health and lifestyle of the prospective parents before conception.
Preconception for Men
Sperm are more vulnerable to unhealthy factors compared to eggs (especially exposure to a toxic environment and nutritional deficiencies). Unlike eggs whose safety is ensured by the female body and become vulnerable only to maturation, sperm are generated during the preconception and completely exposed to the dangers of nature or natural environment. Also their size, much smaller than eggs, and disposed outside the body increases the chances of injury.
Another essential component of preconception health is optimum nutrition that influence each stage of the reproductive process from sperm formation and maturation until ovuelelor, training, etc milk - processes based on vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids taken up by the body from food. At present a real danger is the modern food processing, and environmental issues affecting human health, soil depletes vitamins and minerals set, taken from plants, so foods are increasingly fade and poorer in nutrients.

Checklist - Preconception for Men
1. General health
* General medical examination to confirm health (recommended whether you do not have a problem with fertility).
History is a medical record that includes your medical history and the results of various investigations to determine if the man (or woman) is able (a) to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby. Future must inform your doctor if dad had family cases of infertility, birth defects, mental or physical developmental delays.

* Pay attention to the administration of drugs or harmful to conception may affect fertiliatea male (doctor will replace drugs with risk of conception with others that have the same effect terapuetic but that will not affect product design).
Preconception for Men
- Tagamet, Salazopyrin, nitrofurantoin used to treat ulcers, problem gastrointesitnale and urinary tract infections (reduces sperm production and its quality);
- Steroids, Prednisone (a corticosteroid administered orally for asthma) and cortisone (for arthritis) have a negative impact on fertility;
- They take anabolics men who exercise regularly at the gym adversely affect sperm;
- Erythromycin, ketoconazole (for Candida and fungi) or sulfalazina (diarrhea) Q uality sic affect sperm quantity and cause fertility problems;
- Chemotherapy and radiation can cause sterility or a significant change in sperm quality and quantity, growth rate / child development can be affected by exposure to radiation abdominal area X.

* Do not drink alcohol (ab), tobacco or illicit drugs;
- Alcohol reduces the level of zinc in the body is extremely important to ensure reproductive functions;
- Smoking increases the risk of heart defects, increased risk of cancer in children (lymphatic leukemia, brain cancer).

* Weight Control - Overweight men have a higher amount of estrogen (female sex hormone) than normal range, this hormonal imbalance affects male fertility.

* Injuries in the abdominal region (groin, belly) - common among athletes and those who practice intensive sports - threatening male fertility (recent studies have established that there is a direct relationship between time spent on cycling and impotence or interfesiere numbness and lower abdominal area).
2. Lifestyle
* Exposure to harmful environmental factors (pesticides, chemical fertilizers, nickel, chromium, ethylene glycol, alloy printing, petrochemicals and radiation) is bad sperm: causes infertility, conception difficult and high risk of miscarriage. Man exposure to anesthetic gases, mercury is harmful to pregnancy.

* Rest and healthy eating - general health is related to fertility. Zinc and selenium are two minerals vital for fertility and growth. Resting, relaxing and recommended that vitamin E help to maximize fertility.
- A poor nutritional vitamins, minerals and proteins affect the number and quality of sperm. Supply you with whole grains, vegetables, orange juice.
- Zinc deficiency in the body leads to lower testosterone levels. Zinc found in red meat, seafood, lentils, peas, mushrooms, lettuce.
- Vitamin C is responsible for motility (oranges, melon, kiwi, tangerine, grapefruit, broccoli and asparagus).
- Prenatal vitamins are specially designed for men, but not damaging them. They do not contain female hormones or prohormone and therefore will have no effect feminization of the male body.
- Men need additional quantities of zinc, folate and vitamin C in the preconception period to produce sufficient quantities of sperm quality, high mobility of sperm. These additional amounts of vitamins help prevent fetal chromosome abnormalities.
- Regarding folic acid supplements (indicated women during the preconception and conception) are recommended and men because they generally have a deficiency of this essential nutrient in the body. Folic acid improves male sexual health and hormonal balance. Since it is a water soluble vitamin, excess will be removed easily with renal processes.
Preconception for Men
* Stop addictions (alcohol, drugs and tobacco) - one glass of alcohol daily does not affect male fertility and conception.

* Protect your genitals: high temperatures (jacuzzi, hot water, sauna, showers long, hot, electric blankets and heating sleeve) genitals reduce sperm production, the same thing happens when boxers / pants or tight spandex which offers lightness and breath ability genital skin.

Avoid prolonged physical exercise and cycling - sustained effort decreases testosterone and increases friction during pedaling temperature in the genital area, which affects mobility and sperm count.

* Fun and lost nights require moderation. Sperm are affected by stress, fatigue, smoking and alcohol.

* How to evaluate job? Will bring enough financial support to future family? Majoritatatea studies show stress as the main culprit of infertility. As work is more demanding, unstable or not enough rewards hard work stress level increases.

* Do not give up the romance of the couple - the path to conception should not be stressful or boring. Couple, family means more than achieving the goal strict conception.

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