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Timing of conception of a child - timing

Timing of conception of a child - timing

But here are the main requirements that you need to keep in mind to coordinate timing for conception of a child:
1. A stable and deep relationship between partners - the decision to conceive a child is very important in the life of the couple and involves making decisions and compromises that both parents must be willing to meet, if you are not ready to take long-term commitment, you are not ready to bring a child into the world.
2. The financial aspect - should enable you to bear the costs of pregnancy and after pregnancy, child growth.
3. Health of parents, especially mothers of future - a series of investigations and medical tests will determine if your health is stable, and that there are no problems / treatments that interfere with a healthy pregnancy.
4. Now that you are ready to conceive should know that the best time for conception is a woman's fertile period, plus the condition of male sperm quality.
Timing of conception of a child - timing
What is the ideal age for conception? What is gynecologic age?
From a strictly biological conception of ideal age for a child is around the age of 20 years for a healthy woman. This is the age when fertility reaches its peak and the risk of problem pregnancies, miscarriages or abnormalities cromoziale are greatly diminished. As women age, the risk increases and fertility is affected by certain changes in the body and hormonal changes. The body does not produce healthy eggs and there is no medical method reverses the process. At the age of 40 years is difficult to conceive, but not impossible, but you need special attention and special care for the safe conduct of pregnancy. Doctors recommend women over 30 years, no children, be alert to warnings clock.
Besides the biological and the psychological exist: age of 20 years may be a little too early for the conception of a child.
Conception of a child is a pesonal decision, but you should not neglect medical aspects and natural course of things, the gradual deterioration of the body and take advantage of its integrity and normality as you can.
Gynecologic age is attributed to a woman's age at first menstruation. Thus the medically recommended for a woman to have a gynecologic age at least four years before conceiving (12 years chronological age of first menstruation - 16 years chronological age gynecologic age = 4 years).

- Adolescence - a period fertile and favorable for the task in terms of energy required to carry a pregnancy and childbirth faces, but there is a high risk of preeclampsia, or preterm infant mortality.
- 20-29 years - 95% chance of naturally conceiving a healthy child, a trouble-free pregnancy - a time when women produce the best eggs.
-> 30 years - the chance of conceiving a child and declines with age approaching 35 years chances are getting smaller and risks increase (but you can have a normal pregnancy, a healthy baby if you are cautious and follow medical during pregnancy).
-> 40 years - a task will prolong the life of late postponement due process of menopause (protects the heart from chronic diseases, heart or Alzeihmer), chances of conception decrease to 30% increase pregnancy risks.
Timing of conception of a child - timing
What is the best time of day for conception?
The best time of day to conceive a child is in the morning (and afternoon - when a man's sexual desire increases again after the peak reached in the early morning hours).
Arguments for the morning-that the best time of day for conception:
- Morning erections in men - a good opportunity for great sex, dynamic;
- Energy body, lack of fatigue and stress accumulated during the day;
- Energizes the entire body release endorphins, offers a relaxed, happy, propitious for conception of a child;
- Seminal fluid produced between the hours of 7-7:30 am is more concentrated than the product between the hours of 5-5:30 pm;
- Sperm produced in the early morning hours are more powerful to penetrate the egg.

The best month for conception - for your pregnancy comfort
Often disregarded looking for couples planning conception of a child's role. Advantages and dezavatantajele certain months for the comfort and safety of mother and fetus are observable but (especially when large temperature changes occur from one season to another or extreme temperatures are recorded).
Future challenges mother does not want pregnancy (fatigue, excess weight, higher body temperature, excitement, pain) to deal with the swelter of summer or frost sharpness.

Reasons why summer is a good time for the birth of a child - so winter months October, November, outlook is not suitable for children:
- High temperatures and excess weight of the pregnant woman physically and mentally it cause discomfort;
- Difficulty in maintaining water balance in the body;
- Deficiencies in the production of melatonin, which helps children incubation;
- Birth will take place in the winter months - discomfort and concerns for mother and child - inability to walk external environment during the first months of life the child;
- In general hospitals / clinic's busiest summer are due to several accidents / incidents, and people who prefer to treat certain ailments summer.

No winter temperatures creates not just moms future comfort, as we approach the time of delivery. February, March, April - not suitable for conception, since birth will take place in the middle of the winter season. Infectious diseases represent a risk for both mother and baby, because vulnerability to germs place.
Timing of conception of a child - timing
But every season has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, during the summer she is emotionally stable of couples spend more time outdoors, relax, enjoy the benefits of vitamins in fruits and vegetables is a time of holidays and weddings and even absence of viruses is a major advantage for a future mother in the first trimester. The only advantage of winter as a child from conception to natural vitamins is the amount existing in the body preconception period and during lactation training.

Advantages of autumnal tasks are primarily warm weather, nice and vitamins available in an extremely wide range of vegetables and fruits during the process of conception and the formation of lactation. Disadvantage, many infectious diseases that occur this time of year and the risk in the first trimester.

Spring - a time emotional, cool and a season for moms located right in the last months of pregnancy: the baby get enough vitamins and melatonin. Failure to remove the child to ride in the first month of life.

Making a brief, time to conception of a child is spring or autumn. Time is right, help young mothers to more easily support the extra weight, sufficient vitamins to feed two. The best months for child conception are June, July, August, December and January.

* The right time is when the whole body is ready and feel an overwhelming desire to have a child
- Unscientific method to determine the best time to conceive a child: body announce that the alarm sounded "biological clock" is the time!
Timing of conception of a child - timing
There is an unscientific approach in terms of time to conception: many couples reported that their partners became pregnant after their lives became a good rut, when things "settled" as they wanted. Specialists explanation lies in the person's physical and mental condition when there is stress, worries, concerns, place a general feeling of relief and relaxation. Although there is no clear evidence to prove the link between conception and this state of things, we all know that doctors recommend relaxing vacation to create an emotional environment favorable for conception.
Careful and body signals which often will let you know when the right time to conceive, the psychological and environmental factors play an important role in the design process.

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