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Types of natural aphrodisiacs - examples aphrodisiac

Types of natural aphrodisiacs - examples aphrodisiac

Aphrodisiacs can be divided into several categories and examples and their action on libido and sexual activity are manifold. While some aphrodisiacs can fit into different classification groups, others can be included in multiple categories simultaneously.
These substances, vitamins, fragrances have the power to deliberately induce a strong passion erotic games, making sexuality into an art. But the best aphrodisiac is a mix of a couple's love, trust, spontaneity and creativity.
Scientifically unproven aphrodisiacs action may be just a placebo effect, may affect sexual level-physical, mental level, stimulating imagination and erotic sexual fantasies or contribute to the release of sexual energy or sexual vitalizing forces.
People are constantly looking for different ways to increase the number of sex hormones necessary for improved sexual performance. Aphrodisiac comes to their aid either through increased production of hormones or the intensification of processes, experiences mental level, and increase sexual desire. Used by men, besides aphrodisiacs can "create", "gain" sexual desire to extend or strengthen an erection, and if women can prolong and intensify orgasmic pleasure. Of aphrodisiacs, oysters, alcohol, celery are most commonly found, along with eggs, grapefruit, cereal or blueberries.
Aphrodisiac similar
- Aphrodisiacs whose appearance has sexual connotation (like sexual organs):
* Ginseng, cucumber, asparagus - phallic symbols;
* Avocado and eggs - like male genital glands;
* MIDI - like vulva;
* Oysters - like ovaries.
Aphrodisiac associated
- Related aphrodisiac erotic activities:
* Sacred wild rabbit (symbol of Aphrodite);
* Bread sticks dedicated to the god of fertility (Priapus);
* Consumption of various reproductive organs of animals (in the past): Aries, Taurus, pork, in order to absorb the power and virility in directly etc..
Animal Aphrodisiacs
* Eggs, milk (goat), eggs (salmon) rhino horn (rhinoceros horn dust was considered a powerful aphrodisiac).
* Oysters have stimulant properties due to the high content of zinc (as well as red meat, shellfish, but also almonds, cashews) - Zinc is a good enhancer sperm production and quality.
Herbal aphrodisiacs
* Aphrodisiac herbs: ginseng, damiana, Yin Yan Huo (mainly used in herbal medicine), some of them can be grown in pots, others have to travel across the globe to reach you;
* Sesame seeds - for high energy value, rich in vitamin E (a stimulating virility);
* Anise seeds - to enhance sexual pleasure (Greek and the Romans);
* Vegetable aphrodisiacs:
- Broccoli - aphrodisiac and antioxidant food that contains calcium and magnesium, maintain youthfulness cells and increases libido;
- Spinach-food antioxidant containing many minerals and vitamins, protein digestion hurry, help accelerate metabolic processes and improves sexual performance of men and women;
- Carrot-advised to increase potency;
- Garlic - recommended to increase sexual desire, flavor can be masked with a few leaves of parsley or mint;
- Rosiere - combined with basil (increases sexual appetite and induce body wellbeing) and olive oil - recommended for reviving sex drive;
- Red onion - aphrodisiac used in ancient Egypt;
- Ardelia red pepper - energizes the body by heat from the "capsaicin", a chemical that stimulates nerve endings and accelerates heart rate, induced a state of arousal that triggers the release of endorphins;
- Horseradish - an aphrodisiac to everyone;
- Celery - the most famous of aphrodisiacs recommendations, appreciated due to its refreshing and exciting;
- Celery and herbs combined with honey and cardamom intensify scotisoara and aphrodisiac effects, with immediate effect (celery was part of the Roman ritual and ceremony of marriage nuptial bed was decorated with celery leaves);
Types of natural aphrodisiacs - examples aphrodisiac
* Fruit aphrodisiacs:
- Pineapples and bananas - high in potassium and vitamin B, responsible for producing sex hormones and effects on fertility (rich in proteins needed in the design process of a child);
- Good refreshing avocado-General of the body;
- Lychees - contains substances that prevent damage male reproductive organs, reduces fatigue and increases vitality, robustness body;
- Strawberry - aphrodisiac with many beneficial effects on health: increasing immunity, cardiovascular protection, anticancer effect, wound healing, restoring skin elasticity and increasing fertility;
- Almonds - considered ancient symbol of fertility;
- Figs - one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs, the effects on fertility (Cleopatra's favorite);
* Other herbal aphrodisiacs known: napraznicul, basil, fir, fennel, pollen, pine, nuscoara, honey, ginger, nuts, pepper, grapes, licorice, cinnamon, chickpeas, saffron, mushrooms.
Therapeutic Aphrodisiac
- Natural substances stimulatory effect of sexually and are divided into those that gives the sensation of heat in the body (remove frigidity), those inhibitions and remove those that alleviates problems such as premature ejaculation (can be consumed as food, drink , inhalation or external use).
* Ambra - Gris - a plant used in Arab countries, more like homeopathic remedy for various ailments, and the aphrodisiac effect is due to a substance ("ambrein" engl.) Content that enhances the production of hormones (including testosterone).
Sensory aphrodisiacs
- Aphrodisiac is to stimulate one or more of the six senses - smell, taste and mineral content of some foods can greatly improve your sex life: acting nutrients psychological, lower inhibitions, increase blood pressure, heart rate accelerates , increases blood pressure in the genital area, releasing hormones of happiness;
- Sense of smell has an important role in stimulating sexual arousal also vomeronasal glands located on either side of the vomeronasal cartilage, responsible for detecting pheromones (sexual arousal hormones);
* Erotic massage, sensual;
* Erotic art;
* Erotic literature;
* Erotic films and shows;
* Increased intensity gives lovemaking feelings, sexual force.
Aphrodisiacs to flirt
- Aphrodisiacs that secretes chemicals and hormones of happiness to improve your self image, self-esteem, eliminating inhibitions and an easy flirtation, delicate, sensual:
* Spicy foods, spices spicy peppers - increases heart rate and sweat production (release pheromones);
* Bananas - contain chemicals that improve overall body tone and stimulates neuronal function, increases feelings of self-confidence and trust;
* Carrot helps to increase sexual desire (due to high fiber content).
Types of natural aphrodisiacs - examples aphrodisiac
Aphrodisiac for seduction - Women
- The role of these aphrodisiacs is to release additional amounts of sex hormones (especially testosterone) to energize the body in a short time and increase blood flow to the genital area.
* Foods that stimulate the production of testosterone in women, gaining a more aggressive and more adventurous:
- Shrimp, like other seafood are rich in iodine, a very important element for thyroid function, vital to energize;
- Ginger increases blood flow to the genitals, both women and men;
- Black olives increase sex drive of women, male virility stimulate green olives;
- Rosiere - have a reputation as sexual stimulants since ancient times because of color and nutrient content;
- Apples - the fruit of temptation since the creation of the world.
Aphrodisiacs for sexual performance
* Buttered popcorn in the penis increases blood pressure by about 9%;
* Lavender and pumpkin pie with 40%;
* Floral scent increases blood pressure in male genitals 3%;
* Men fragrance increases the pressure in the vagina;
* Flavored vegetable cucumber is the most powerful stimulant effects on the vaginal area;
* Arginine - is an amino acid found in many foods such as nuts, eggs or cheese, it has positive effects on male potency and fertility, increase blood flow to the genital area and helps build a stronger erections and increased endurance;
* The power of persuasion: the most erotic organ is the brain, if it is invaded by sexual stimulants or believe strongly that something will excite, most times it is. Food and sex are the greatest pleasures of mankind.
* Cherries and the smell of fried meat / grill decrease sexual desire of women.
Aphrodisiacs Herbs
* Basil restore tone and sex drive (because it contains vitamins, tannins and essential oils), induces a state of good physical and mental;
* Coriander - a powerful aphrodisiac, mentioned in tales of the 1001 Arabian nights;
* Ginseng - a powerful aphrodisiac, the vitalizing herb stimulates sexual desire (it has an aroma similar to garlic), according to the teachings of Indian Ayurvedic medicine, ginseng offers "young and old men vitality and vigor of a bull" contributing to the development of masculine qualities: strength, control sexual energy, expansion, increase sensory acuity.
* Ginseng root powder is used, cure for 40 days, 3 months break for a quick and pleasant aphrodisiac effect for both women and men (0, 5-1 g of powder under the tongue half an hour before intercourse).
* Ginger body relaxes tense muscles, reopen zest for life, removes exhaustion and boredom, indifference, rekindle the passion affair; seek ginger tea to warm;
* Damiana - is an amplifier that increases the frequency of sexual pleasure and orgasm intensity;
* Hogweed - particularly intense vitalizing effect ("ginseng Romanian '), root and seeds invigorate and rejuvenate the body, increase exercise capacity and mental tone, improves sexual problems such as impotence, frigidity and sterility remove;
* Ambergris is considered one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs and has the power to heal obsessions (not used in cooking because it contains chemicals);
* Iris is considered a good aphrodisiac for both sexes (recommended wine iris: 1 liter of dry white wine, 1 gr cinnamon, iris root 8 g, 8 g dried ginger, 125 g sugar - filtered after 24 h and add 50 ml 6 almond milk and fresh-ground leave this mixture to aging);
* Vanilla creates euphoria combat sexual fatigue and stimulates the central nervous system, can be used in aphrodisiac drinks for odor or relaxing bath water etc;
* Verbena - dedicated to the goddess Venus, in ancient times, and cut verbena leaves soaked in wine for several days, improving blood circulation.
Aphrodisiac scents
* Almond flavor enhances women's passion;
* Is sensual vanilla and enhance sexual desire, vanilla was a precious element of American culture plants - vanilla essential oil was used to attract the opposite sex;
* Mainly used as patchouli essential oil is an herb with a pungent odor, pungent - increases sexual desire;
* Musk has a strong odor, which arises from persistent male deer was used both as an aphrodisiac and as spasmolytic (antispasmodic - that combats spasms of smooth muscles of internal organs), now frequently used for fixation fragrances in perfumes ;
* Ylang Ylang - a sweet-smelling flower has been used as an aphrodisiac in ancient China;
* Essential oils of red roses, jasmine Cleopatra used to increase libido and as an aphrodisiac in India since centuries ago, the smell of jasmine encourages men to initiate, conduct a sexual act with a woman bearing fragrance;
* Oils aphrodisiacs supports and promotes balance between mind, body and soul - pine, anise, angelica, cypress oil, geranium oil (cruel).
Aphrodisiac foods
* Chocolate - food and love mood is a good brain tonic, a food considered sacred in ancient times because of its effects;
* Caviar - contains large amounts of vitamins, is rich in phosphorus and nutrients to nerve cells;
Honey - an aphrodisiac with refreshing, nutritious, enhance sexual glands secretions production, recommends eating or liquid form and without heating (the temperature above 45 degrees cancels its enzymatic action) is recommended to increase sexual potency herbal honey forest or sunflower, pine, acacia, lime or mac less;
Aphrodisiac spices
* Anise seeds have a flavor similar to liquorice have fostfolosite Romans and Greeks to increase sexual desire;
* Cumin contains estrogen and was used by the Egyptians as an aphrodisiac;
* Ginger stimulates the circulatory system and increases sexual interest;
* Nutmeg was an aphrodisiac of choice for women in ancient China (in large quantities can cause hallucinations);
* Rosemary - this aphrodisiac acts on the central nervous system and stimulates blood circulation, one of its components is similar to a sex hormone;
* Saffron - a stimulating aphrodisiac properties erogenous zones and has qualities similar to those of hormones (excessive consumption can cause uncontrollable crisis shaving);
* Thyme - called grass happiness, man offers endurance, stimulates aggression and erection;
* Cloves - is one of the most powerful natural aphrodisiacs effective against physical and mental exhaustion, is consumed in the form of essence 2-3 drops of honey every day;
* Mustard - stimulates the action of the sex glands;
* Other spices that increases sexual desire: basil, coriander and vanilla.
Drinks Aphrodisiacs
* Coffee - stimulates the body and mind, especially recommended consumption of black coffee in small quantities;
* Chocolate is a powerful aphrodisiac, antoxidant (stronger than wine) and contains three substances that by their actions contribute to increased sexual desire: Caffeine is a powerful stimulant and energizer, theobromine stimulates the heart muscles and nervous system, and phenylethylamine functions as anti- depressed and generating a sense of well (the production of serotonin which relaxes and causes physical pleasure, pleasure).
* Alcohol is considered an adjunct to sexual stimulation, the effect uninhibited, but should be eaten in limited quantities - it will help you relax and enhances sensory acuity (combine red wine with cloves, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla and sugar - Hippocratic aphrodisiac ).
Natural Aphrodisiac
* Warm wine with cinnamon (eat about an hour before sexual intercourse);
* 15 g of dried mistletoe in 1 liter of water - 3ori/zi infusion, a teaspoon of dried mistletoe leaves powder mixed with honey;
* Two tablespoons of liquid honey mixed with 2-3 g of ginger and 1 g of pepper (consume 15-30 minutes before sexual intercourse);
There are various commercial pharmacies or medicinal products that can help you increase your sexual performance but its main role is to treat erectile dysfunction through the use of certain substances on the basis of male hormones (eg Viagra, Prostaglandins).
Hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women may also have the effect of increasing libido.
Types of natural aphrodisiacs - examples aphrodisiac
The best way to increase your sexual desire is to keep healthy with a balanced diet and a regular exercise, do not smoke or to drink alcohol to excess. Mutual respect between sexual partners increases sexual interest between the two. Honestly communicate your sexual needs and desires of your partner and you will notice an increase in sexual desire on both sides, and sexual experience will be even more satisfying and intense.


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