Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ways to quit smoking

Ways to quit smoking

There are as many ways to quit smoking many people smoke. Smoking behavior is determined by multiple factors specific to each individual: personality, psychological balance, social and environmental situation. Therefore, smoking cessation should be adapted to each smoker and modified by evolution and its reactions.

All the experts agree that the first factor in smoking cessation should be motivation. Without it, success is not possible.
Ways to quit smoking
According to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (CDC) in the United States, the four conditions for smoking cessation are:

Mental 1.Preparation - immediate exclusion of all cigarettes in the living environment
2.Gasirea a support group. As the support of family, loved ones or medical staff is stronger, the chances of success are greater
3.Crearea new daily habits to replace smoking-related activities.
4.Pregatirea for difficult times for failure
Ways to quit smoking
Considering the two aspects of addiction (psycho-behavioral and physiological), experts in anti-smoking organizations claim that one should act simultaneously on both fronts:

  - Balancing chemical processes in the brain
  - Suppression of behavioral mechanisms (more or less consciously) that smoking has become an inseparable part of many everyday activities
Ways to quit smoking
Studies have shown that treatment with a pharmaceutical product that combines behavioral therapy has a higher rate of success.

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