Thursday, November 15, 2012

Smoking and health

Smoking and health

Tobacco-related diseases are the leading cause of preventable death worldwide, causing 5 million deaths each year. Scientific studies have shown that all tobacco products cause numerous health problems, often leading to death or disability. In the United States, smoking is directly responsible for about 30% of all cancer deaths occurring annually.

Total consumption of tobacco growing. If the current trend remains unchanged, the number of smokers, currently estimated at 1.3 billion, will reach 1.7 billion in 2025, and 1 smoker of 2 will die from smoking related illness.
Smoking and health
Almost 50% of people who smoke die lifelong complications due to smoking, most before 70 years and in recent years the quality of life is greatly reduced. It is estimated that the life expectancy of male smokers is reduced by an average of 13 years and that of women 14.5 years smoking fumatului.Totusi because it may improve if the person quit smoking.
Smoking and health
The risk of developing smoking-related diseases (such as lung cancer and other cancers) increases with total exposure to cigarette smoke. This includes the number of cigarettes smoked daily, age of initiation, the number of years a person smokes and exposure to environmental tobacco smoke.
Tobacco use affects nearly all major organs of the body.
According to scientific studies, smoking is associated with over 20 diseases and conditions. Fortunately, most regress when the smoker quit tobacco. Sometimes the benefits are visible in a few hours.
Smoking and health

Smoking is responsible for:

90% of lung cancers
75% of cases of chronic bronchitis and emphysema
25% of cases of coronary heart disease

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