Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sexual desire

Sexual desire

Ability to perceive sexual arousal depends largely on the desire - sex.

Sexual desire is a manifestation similar to thirst or hunger and is strongly influenced by testosterone.

Certain mental state and general mood influences in one way or another sexual desire.

Sexual arousal includes an amount of information that is integrated in the central nervous system with information already stored on sexuality. Men have a faster response to excitation due to anatomical features but also learned processes that allow them to be quickly aware of the changes induced sexual arousal (erection is an obvious phenomenon that men have successfully learned through masturbation).
 Sexual desire
The woman perception refers primarily to the affective component of the stimulus and then the quality of vaginal response. The difference between women who have and those who have not first orgasm is made of capability to perceive changes faster and more efficiently genital and genital sexual arousal products.

On the other hand, an excessive awareness of the changes induced by excitation with placing pace and intensity with which these changes occur focus of much lower quality chances a sexual response.
 Sexual desire
Some features of personaliate can reduce or facilitate the response to sexual arousal. Relative inability of some people to learn to receive and enjoy sexual arousal occurs on the background of negative feelings towards sexuality due mostly to information and coyly and deeply flawed precepts received in childhood and adolescence, usually in rural family.
Authoritarian personalities who see everything in black and white, tend to express disgust towards exciting elements but also against their own reactions to them (Mahoney).
 Sexual desire
In affective, sexual arousal cause a number of positive effects. There is a sense of security and openness, it emphasizes the positive perception of partner (while men "notes" rather physical qualities of the partners, women are inclined to link sexual activity with deep love).

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