Monday, November 26, 2012

How to get rid of the fear of going to the dentist?

How to get rid of the fear of going to the dentist?

Many of us try hard to avoid a visit to your dentist even if the pain you feel is unbearable, for fear of the dentist, a "disease" that can suffer from too many people, makes us resort to any other solutions Besides the safest and most also indicated.

However, small oral hygiene problems or you feel the slight discomfort due to toothaches we choose to treat themselves can turn into more serious problems not only be treated solely on the recommendation of the dentist, but we oral health can affect irreversibly.

In general, fear of dentist is the result of previous experiences more or less traumatic that has left its mark on the way we relate to a dental check. It can be painful treatment or procedure that created a high degree of discomfort is substantially stronger impact if these experiences occurred in childhood.

Also, the experiences of others can cause a person to fear a visit to the dentist, even if it has not been herself through an event of such nature, which makes the expectations from a dental checkup be some negative .

Fear of the dentist, which can sometimes reach up to a real phobia, manifested by refusing to call a dentist may be associated often with feelings of shame, considering that some people will rebuke expert on how protecting their teeth from disease.

As I look on dentists, the main way to avoid that patients come to fear the future control of anesthesia or sedation is used to eliminate any discomfort resulting from treatments applied during the visit.
Moreover, for those who are afraid of the pain it might feel after anesthesia goes, dentists may recommend painkillers.

As for patients, they first need to undergo routine inspections conducted at regular intervals to prevent such serious oral health problems or allow them to be detected early and treated as soon as possible so as not to cause complications.

Also, choosing appropriate dentist is a very important step to get rid of the fear of a dental appointment.
Visited several dentists and choose the one who best meets your expectations, raspunzadu you any questions, explaining in detail the procedures and treatments applied and informing you about the risks and benefits.

Also, make so that first visit to a dentist to be just a consultation without involving treatment, so you can tell if your dentist that you called it as your needs and expectations.

So if you find that you want to see other specialists in the future, you will avoid going through an experience that might lead to fear of visiting the dentist.

Last but not least, do not hesitate to ask for explanations, preferably as detailed. You will feel much more comfortable if you are informed and prepared for what lies ahead and know the potential problems that might arise.

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