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Time to conception of a child - specific criteria

Time to conception of a child - specific criteria

Concept is the fusion of egg and sperm. About sperm takes several hours to reach female reproductive tract. Product intercourse with only a few hours before ovuatiei has a higher degree of efficiency as sparmatozoizii arrive in time to meet the healthy eggs available (average lifespan of an egg 12 to 24 h, the average lifespan of a sperm 2 - max. 5 days). It is essential for sperm to "wait" release of eggs due to the difference of life between the two main factors of conception. Product intercourse after ovulation period will not be effective in terms of conception because the sperm until they reach the fallopian tube (the bridge between the ovaries and uterus), the egg would disintegrate. The first prerequisite for conception is that of the correlation time of ovulation intercourse to increase the chances of fertilization of the ovum.
Most fertile period of the woman and the ideal is to conceive during ovulation in the menstrual cycle. This is where, after the flow of luteinizing hormone (LH), a mature egg is released into the uterus from the follicles. After 12 hours the egg begins to degenerate. Thus to determine the perfect time for conception should learning to cunoasteteti body and its signals transmitted before and during ovulation.
Time to conception of a child - specific criteria
Time to conception is when a woman (or partners) feel prepared in physically and mentally conceiving and experiencing what follows afterwards: parental.
When a child comes to conception, pregnancy, planning is key to success. A plan this special period in a couple's life, and women in particular, does not mean you have to become frustrated maniacs in planning or imaginary problems and conditions. The idea is that you must be ready to receive the world a man suflletel, to ensure at least a minimum decent living and a lot of love.
Ovulation takes place every menstrual cycle?
No. It is mandatory that every menstrual cycle ovulation to occur. Even if menstruation occurs after regular pattern is possible that women do not ovulate in a given month (durereea mensturala is an indication that ovulation has occurred, Dezi is not a prerequisite).
What is the right time for sex to conceive a child?
Prerequisite for conception is that intercourse is done before ovulation, last 2-3 days before ovulation, the most fertile female. As physical evidence, the researchers say that the most fertile days of a woman is the day that it is the most fertile cervical mucus (which fertility can be tested in the lab, under a microscope, ovulation kits preconception or certain features of mucus-Skin clear, slippery egg white consistency, maximum secretion until finally it becomes opaque, sticky - with increasing amount of progesterone secreted after ovulation).
Cervical mucus creates a favorable environment for sperm to survive in the acidic environment of the vaginal flora and "upgraded" to the cervix, the reproductive tract.
How often should sex couple to conceive a child?
Moderate. Sex frequently or too infrequently can create dificulatti in the process of conception. Generally doctors recommend men to abstain from sex a few days before ovulation to increase partner's sperm quality and quantity. Other doctors recommend vaginal sexual activity every day of the fertile period, but as I noted a high frequency of sex decreased sperm quality (requires 24-48 hours to fully recover). It is therefore recommended to regularly practice 2-3 times a week and covering thus providing fertile period and sperm quality, avoiding the effect of sex "planficat" on a certain date which frustrates the couple.
Planning concept at the right time
To determine the most fertile period of the woman is very important to evaluate periaoda when ovulation occurs. To determine this period there are several methods available:
- Calendar only marks fertility (Ovulation Calendar) - Calculation method ovulation calendar days, or seek online computer your fertile days based on certain personal attributes;
- Changes in the texture and consistency of cervical mucus;
- Change in a positive light basal body temperature (measured in the morning upon awakening, before getting out of bed with a special thermometer or a thermometer placed in the mouth central, not under the armpit);
- Discomfort in the lower abdomen;
- Increase sexual desire suddenly in childbearing;
- Slightly increased breast tenderness before period ovulation;
- Change the structure / consistency saliva - Saliva structure branching pattern observed under a microscope (like ice in a glass) - appears 24-48 hours before ovulation LH during flow (can be seen at a specialized microscope or simple or using a special kit detection in urine luteinizing hormone).
Time to conception of a child - specific criteria
# Counting the days-calendar method;
To use this method you need to know when planning your next menstrual period (to have a regular menstrual period and know its duration). Since then count back 12-16 days - it will be the range in which you ovulate. In normal cases, for a woman with a 28-day menstrual cycle, the 14th day is the most fertile day of it.

# Texture changes in cervical mucus.
During the menstrual cycle cervical mucus changes consistency and texture, and the amount secreted and look - reflecting different levels of estrogen in the body, as ovulation occur, menses, etc.. The best time for conception is when the cervical mucus becomes almost transparent, slippery, elastic (texture like egg white) - indicating the highest level of estrogen in the body.
The role of the vaginal discharge is to feed, protect and speed up sperm on their way to the uterus and fallopian tubes. This method can be unsafe but because for some women these changes do not occur consistently throughout the menstrual cycle.
With the changing texture of cervical mucus as ovulation approaches and change occurs cervical position: when the woman reaches peak fertility cervix is ​​positioned above, less rigid and more open.

# Increased basal body temperature.
Basal temperature is the temperature measured in the morning, as soon as you wake up, positioning basal thermometer in the mouth. The body temperature can indicate the right time for conception. Immediately after ovulation basal body temperature increases with 0, 5-1, 6 degrees Fahrenheit. This increase is not conscious perception of women and consider this period is favorable conception - 2-3 days before the temperature reaches the highest point of his. This increase is due to increased production BBT progesterone stimulated ovulation. N Tracking and scoring in basal temperature chart for several months will allow an gafic of ovualtie period, the fertile period and you will find time to conception (2-3 days before ovulation).

# Discomfort in the lower abdomen.
This discomfort easily (usually) in the lower abdomen is an indication of ovulation. About one fifth of women actually perceptions, physical activity, ovulation pain ranging from mild to painful spasms.
Time to conception - simultaneous orgasm partners
Simultaneous orgasm orgasms partner or partners once the man ejaculates inside the vagina or is a good thing that increases chances of conception. The reason for this better chances of success in terms of conception during orgasm simultaneously due to physiological changes that occur in the body during orgasm: vaginal flora becomes alkaline during orgasm, which mobilize and protect sperm on their way to the cervix, while the acidic environment kills (partially). Also, after intravaginal ejaculation is recommended that women remain lying with knees bent, and feet horizontal, possibly placing a pillow under your pelvis to facilitate road to reproductive tract sperm.
After a full-term pregnancy, which is the right time for conception of a child?
When you want to conceive one of the other child must take into account, along with all the other issues mentioned and the time elapsed since the most recent birth. This assessment is extremely important during pregnancy because the mother lose numerous vitamins and minerals it transferred child development (especially calcium and magnesium) and a new pregnancy soon, will further deprive them. This deprivation of nutrients and minerals needed to sustain a pregnancy body and in particular can lead to very poor nutritional condition for mother and fetus and damage as well.
The ideal time between births is 15 months - this is the minimum time needed to rebuild body strength, initial energy level of vitamins, minerals and especially calcium (bones should be strong to support the extra weight of pregnancy) and allow body to heal after birth.
A new task earlier than 6 months after the latest increases the risk of premature and underdeveloped fetus at birth.
Other issues to be considered in a subsequent pregnancy is a birth condition uterus (if it has healed, reduced) and body weight (excess weight can cause infertility and contribute to hormonal imbalance that affects ovulation process, with high risk of gestational diabetes its effects on the fetus).
Sperm quality - important for conception. When man ready for conception?
A low sperm quantity or quality can have a negative impact on conception, whether profit or not the right time for conception. To ensure a sufficient amount of sperm to fertilize an egg penru is recommended for 2-3 days between intercourse to allow sperm quality restoration.
Sperm quality is also adversely affected by stress, drinking coffee, tobacco, drugs, alcohol - to take advantage of the time to conception and man to be fertile and ready, not just woman. We recommend both partners previous training (at least 3 months before initiating the process of conception) healthy, balanced diet, giving up certain harmful products (tobacco, drugs, alcohol, coffee), taking prenatal vitamins, weight control and so on
Time to conception of a child - specific criteria
Relaxation is a key factor in the design. If one partner is stressed, chances of conception decrease in fertility reduces stress. Time to conception is where partners are relaxed, ready and make love for sex and a healthy relationship, and not mechanically (even if it is good to be aware of the child's conception to increase the odds are successful).

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