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Sex and gender pressure in adolescents

Sex and gender pressure in adolescents

We live in a sexualized world where everything from commercials, magazines, friends promotes sex. So either he has friends who encourage him to have sex or watch TV or read a magazine, all feel at some point this pressure exerted on them having sex.

In a study conducted in the U.S. revealed that boys feel more constrained by their peers (boys of the same age or slightly older) have sex, and that drugs and alcohol often leads to unprotected sexual acts . On the other hand, girls are often constrained by their partners to have sex while many of them are duped in such activities without his or her consent voluntarily to like sex. Another study revealed a pro-rape among young teenagers based on the belief that it is acceptable to put pressure on partners to have sex using certain "tactics", drugs, alcohol. Researchers recommend informing teenagers about sex problems and sexual assault consented.
Make sure your teen knows and is aware that his beliefs on key issues and problems related to alcohol, drugs and sex and would not allow others to violate her limits. Adolescent should not be afraid to express their opinion and to set certain limits of others on this issue. Will initially be teased, but his attitude is firm if others will give up the belief (beware of sexual assault!).

Adolescents should avoid participating in acts such as teasing, batjocurirea their peers as a way to be accepted by a particular group. Although the group will not appreciate some group refusals to act, to do the right thing is rewarding and helps to educate adolescent.
Warning: peer pressure works only if left to act if the teenager is left intimidated and lose self-control. The key is to be firm without being preachy or definitely a hypocrite convinced that only he is right.

Whatever age you have Always there has been some pressure from peers, from people of the same age, to stay within certain rules to achieve certain standards fake or real, but secondary school age and adolescence are the more difficult from this point of view because it will found its way into society, to adult life.
Sexual intimacy - without actual sex, dangerous or acceptable as an alternative?
Any hint or mimicking sexual intercourse requires the consent of both parties, regardless of sexual activity.
But privacy is not just about sex and genitals, it can manifest itself in other ways such as intimate discussions, sharing of information and intimate feelings. Sexual intimacy should be a comfortable and enjoyable experience that cause joy, a physical expression of feelings.
Although a physical intimate relationship generally close two people, there are other sexual behaviors / physical that can create this approach, besides sex: kissing, touching, caressing, hugging, massage.
Just because there is a physical attraction and desire to become sexually intimate, it means total acceptance, any sexual experiences.
Some teens choose to experience other sexual activity outside vaginal sex if the reason is to keep the hymen intact sexual refusal: oral sex, anal sex and mutual masturbation individual, various partner genital stimulation, petting (similar to preheating sexual behavior - French kiss and touch genitals of partner, passionate kisses and partner arousal, external simulation of vaginal penetration.
Many believe that these alternative forms of sex are safe, but there is a difference in perception. It is true that these activities should not produce an unwanted sacina whereas no vaginal penetration (although it is possible - thanks fluid exchange and ability of sperm to move from the labia to the cervix and fertilize an egg) but they can continue to be a source of infection with STDs.
Sex and gender pressure in adolescents
The peer pressure is so strong?
Adolescent, youth lead a fight for discovering his identity, trying to self-knowledge and are curious regarding the behavior of others. It is normal for them to look to others to see how they solve certain problems faced similar situations too.
Peer influence is about how to make friends, to be accepted and recognized you a certain social status. Adolescence brings so much clumsiness, embarrassment and uncertainty, while simultaneous changes discovers young bodies, interests, feelings and priorities. Belonging to a social group confirming their personal value and helps to adjust the path to adulthood.
As the teens away from their parents, they are used primarily as a source of reliable friends, confidence, support and advice. In unfavorable situations, teens take bad advice, malicious instead think for themselves, based on their own beliefs and values, or to seek help endorsed an opinion much better informed and documented.
Many teenagers refuse to believe or do not realize how dependent in time came to be memebrii group they belong to, friends, certain influential people, thus stealing the independence and individuality.
If others would perceive more of the adolescent decision regarding a particular idea, situation, eventually they would give up trying to convince him to succumb to temptation.
Others influence on decision-making decreases as the young reach maturity.
But peer pressure, the influence of the "leaders" of opinion have a major impact on adolescent life in the manner of speech, clothing, attitude, behavior, and many of them do not consider this a negative influence - see it as a normal aspect that is part of their adolescent life.

Teenager: How to recognize "blackmail" entourage?
To provide a little help in avoiding embarrassing situations, improper Here are some ways that some people may try to convince the teenager to give up their pressure to involve in sexual activity:
<Saying that if they really love, you do it for him / her;
<Threatening to split the refusal;
<Blaming you for his state of arousal and forcing you to please sexually;
<Try a gradual approach, inducing gradual acceptance, although you clearly expressed refusal;
<Trying to infer that it is a normal thing that all couples do and denying him the idea of ​​torque-threatening otherwise to infidelity;
<Threatening to spread defamatory rumors to adresavoastra, you agree not to have sex;
<Lying the promise of having a relationship after sex;
<Stating that you will not enjoy sexual pleasure if you have to wear a condom;
<Denying your right to change your mind, even if the initial pressure have accepted a sexual act - refusing to accept a new sexual intercourse with the same person is a right for everyone;
<Stripping away the burden and your own clothes hoping that would convince nudity bodies accept eventually conduct a sexual act;
<Forcing you to touch her erogenous areas where you are not willing / a;
<Saying that other forms of sexual activity are not "real sex" and anyway it does not matter and does not pose a risk.

Risk factors regarding the negative pressure exerted on a teenager
There are certain risk factors regarding the possibility of assigning negative pressure exerted by those of a young age as found in some derived social - certain traits that exposes the negative influences:
Low self-esteem;
-Lack of confidence;
-Uncertainty, uncertainty regarding his place in a particular social group;
-Without any personal interest only for a particular social group;
-Sense of isolation from peers or family;
-Very poor skills and academic performance;
-Fear of other peers;
-Inability to develop enduring friendships, to maintain close interpersonal relationships;
-Feeling of rejection and refusal of colleagues / friends / peers;
-Frequent relations / close with a bully, quarrelsome teenager.

Types of pressure (influence) of peer
1. Positive peer influence.
Is any situation in which peers, the teen groups encourage him part supports its positive actions - group members reinforce each other: members of a sports team in a big game, classmates to support an important exam, etc..
2. Neutral peer pressure.
This influence is natural that normal exercise of an adolescent group but in a way that does not harm others. This type of pressure "college" is common during adolescence and risk is not a problem for him (request accompaniments to a football game, film, etc).
3. Negative peer influence.
This type of pressure is negative because compel teenager take action that does not want to do voluntarily placing him in dangerous situations. Negative influence of peers is a concern and a warning to parents.
Sex and gender pressure in adolescents
Any teen gives occasionally peer pressure - a normal reaction and acceptable as long as it is malicious, dangerous. Parents, guardians teenagers must acknowledge these small "concessions" before the young begin to take excessive risks and engage in harmful behaviors, aspects that suggest more serious problems.

Teenager: How to resist / avoid negative peer pressure in making decisions about sex?
Cultivate your confidence, self-acceptance and appreciation of their own which will allow you to remain comfortable with their own ideals and interests to the pressure of others.
Peer influence is one of the most powerful influences on adolescent. It can mobilize energy to motivate him, to encourage him to positive things, on the one hand, and to affect judgment and guide him to risky behaviors, inappropriate, removing it influences family positive, on the other hand.
Whatever type of pressure exerted on adolescent, he must learn to weigh the importance of their decisions and the effect of lots (to decide for him).

> Spend time with people / colleagues / friends who support you in your decision and I think it's good and they wait until they feel ready to begin sexual life.
> Dial your group of friends to go out, not just with your partner meeting.
> Meet your friends with parents.
> Invite your friends home.
> Support your friends if they feel pressured by others to have sex.
> Build your scenario a little so as not to be caught off guard if you are in a sity you are pressed / to have sex.
> Always have a backup plan, an alternative, if you feel uncomfortable with a person (a person who called her, phone, money, taxi etc).
> Do not ever feel obliged to return a favor / gift to someone by means sex.
> Say "No" and act congruent (words and actions to preserve unity) if the situation demands vo. Respect yourself enough as to affirm claimed that "No, I'm not ready / to have sex. ".

Drugs and alcohol on the body are many, but impaired judgment is one of them, and can thus be influenced / fooled into doing something you do not want. Moreover me if you are not careful, if you fall asleep or pass out at a party, other people can take advantage of this, your sexual abuzandu. There are several drugs that discrete mixed drinks can lead to unconsciousness and can be abused / the sex.
Even when you consent to participate in a sexual act and change your mind, you are right, express it and others have to respect the decision. Consent to a sexual act must be given voluntarily, not forced by the circumstances, threats, blackmail. Silence is not the evidence legally consent of a person having sex, because some people are silent because of fear and anxiety felt by coercion.
Sex and gender pressure in adolescents
Sexual and mental health specialists who work with teens believe that increasingly more teenagers shows behavioral and believes that one of the determining factor is peer pressure to do something they do not want (such cases occur sexual abuse and sexual harassment).
Also teenagers desire and attempts to have a perfect body, sexuality and posture expressed in a manner inconsistent attracts many sexual pressures and deviant behavior. It is true that a body proportioned, harmonious not an invitation to abuse, but curiosity and hormonal changes, alcohol and drugs distort reality for some urging them to reckless actions.

Virginity - is a personal decision
Although there are many couples teens during which no pressure about sex, it's true that one of the two wants to have sex, while the other does not. The key is patience and respect each other decision, even if there are deep feelings between the two.
Teens who feel good about their own identity are less likely to fall prey to negative peer pressure.
Anutrajului pressure depends largely teenage groups who spends most of his time to which he aspires. Some teens affiliates popular groups, so they hope to win their acceptance and give them social status to which they aspire. In other groups, there is a strong personality that dominating others, and it uses its influence negative purposes. Special adolescents are those where they are not popular but form a mini community "specialized" type nerd, punk-s etc.. Members of these groups are not worried about her perception of other groups, but what is acceptable, promotes, believe their own group.
Some teens decide to have sexual intercourse only for friends, members belonging to group think is "cool" (cool). Others find it easier to give pressure than trying to give explanations why others should not have sex. Teenagers (especially) are found trapped in the tumult of feelings and I think this is way to prove love or to keep their partner.
Sex and gender pressure in adolescents
Identifying vulnerable to pressure other teens in bad decisions
We can not determine an accurate profile of adolescent likely to fall prey to the pressure of age and begins to sex, but psychologists say that those who are found to derive from socially and those who are prone to social isolation are generally willing to make "some" things to feel accepted, connect with others, with the powerful, able to provide recognition and protection.
Sometimes the teenagers who seem least likely to fall into this category, fall victim to peer pressure regarding sexual activity: some popularity teenagers are particularly vulnerable, paying attention to what is "cool" that "values" are recognized, appreciated and imitated by others.
And the foundation of society is an important influence factor, considering the level of maturity of young teenage childbearing. 4 -5 decades ago teenagers were merely considered adults, were part of adult society: respect certain traditions, beliefs and values ​​of the society in terms of adolescent marriage, starting a family, management, etc.. Times have changed and now put more emphasis on social contact between young people of the same age, developing a culture of independence: the youth, separate from their parents.

Those who are easily influenced to peer pressure in making hasty decisions, shows certain characteristics:
A low self-esteem, a low opinion of her own image / person;
-Little or no confidence;
-Few friends, most "friends" have failed;
-Isolation from larger groups of peers, such as classmates;

Many adolescent feelings and physical sensations, sexual thoughts, fantasies include mind and body both boys and girls. These are completely normal - and show reproducaor hormonal system functionality. Curiosity may be confused in some cases with the feeling of being ready for sexual contact. Although the body may have the ability to have sex, does not mean that the mind is ready for this step.
If, however, curiosity won, will spend the rest of life being hard on yourself or regret this step. Dealing with these feelings and sexual feelings can be difficult to manage. Just because you had sex once does not mean you have to keep saying "yes" at any time, no matter what others say. To err is human, but you can learn from mistakes and not lose your self-esteem.

Why teenagers yet there does not give "encouraging" sexual peers?
>> There are a number of teens who have personality, recognize and realize their personal identity, impose their views and reactions were responsible regarding sexual topics.
>> There are many reasons, beyond accountability for teens not begin their sexual life under the influence of peer pressure: avoiding problems "unplanned" such as a pregnancy, fear of contact BTS (life and death situation for them).
Others refuse >> early sexual pleasures because religion forbids, while others have made a own strong beliefs.
>> There is a narrower category that although physically feel it would be ready to begin sexual life of emotionally not ready to bear the consequences of this decision and prefer to wait until they are absolutely sure they are prepared to sex.
Sex and gender pressure in adolescents
For parents: How you can help your teen giving in to peer pressure and insistence sex?
Many teenagers avoid talking to parents about sex because they believe it would be inappropriate due to attitudes of parents, they could be punished because they think or initiate these discussions. Parents need to have an open attitude, honest to children during the term of their development and education to avoid alienation and loss of control over life and development of children.

Despite the vulnerability of adolescents and strong influences from peers, parents can have a positive impact in decision-making processes, giving them options and help combat the effects of these pressures. Here's how parents can adjust and observe what influence adolescent sex linked to:

> Be communicative, keep lines of communication open with your teen.
The best advice is to not wait until adolelescenta to be open with your child early dialogue between parents and children will prove effective in the long term. Psychologist says that children who have an open dialogue with parents will turn to their advice, even if there are differences of opinion because they know that they will listen and help you make a decision (not requiring a decision).
> Try to interpret the role play: various scenarios of negative influence and "blackmail" of others.
In this way certain situations and responses to exercise pressure on dolescentului are not new, they will know how to react to the influence or physical abuse.
> Stop, be patient and listen and perspeectiva teenager on a situation.
Have your say and most importantly expose them your values ​​and beliefs without imposing them teenagers. This is the only way to clarify adolescent beliefs and family values ​​that are so popular teens will easily find moral support in making decisions.
> Be welcoming and allow the teenager to enter into your life.
This requires an exercise of creativity on the part of parents, always finding new ways to relate and interact with your teen, so inviting him in their lives, reducing the natural gap between generations.
> Try to let anger or frustration aside and think beyond severe responses, the role of punishment.
Punishment is not a solution to a problem, especially on sex. Try to find alternatives to remedy the situation.

Teen thinks often that all its activities are devoted to an audience that decisions must impress the audience. We must make sure that they are properly and well enough to understand the implications and consequences of a decision, and understand that you have to live your own life and in a healthy environment, not the lives of others.

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