Thursday, November 15, 2012

Successive orgasm

successive orgasm

After having experienced the maximum intensity of pleasure, some women can reactivate these where you try a re-stimulation, a new excitement, of course at an interval of several minutes.

The number of such women is quite small, although their percentage by some specialists can reach 15%. Their psychology content is unique and is influenced neandoios the cooperation partner.
 Successive orgasm
Temperamental structure, education, biography of these women, and partner cooperation are factors to be considered in this case.

There are women who feel emotionally satisfied even without orgasm or can have multiple orgasms with a partner and not having one with another partner. It is clear that in this case occurs emotions, degree of fatigue, as well as the mental ability to build tension comply with the wishes and dreams of mind earlier.
 Successive orgasm
Attraction for a certain type of man to conquer pleasure, developing a sense of ownership etc. are also important factors for successful with women orgasm.

Some researchers believe that men can have successive orgasms accompanied each ejaculation. But this ability is strictly correlated with age.

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