Thursday, November 15, 2012



What percentage of the population is homosexual?
The most accepted figure is around 10%, although this figure is disputed by both sides. A more common idea is that the 10% figure is conservative in reality it is higher. The highest estimates reach 25%.
What causes homosexuality?
Most so-called theories of homosexuality have basically the following main reasons:
     - Hormone: lack or excess male hormones or female. The basic idea is that in fact women are not just women and not just men men hormonal deficiencies
     - Neurologic: a chemical imbalance in the brain
     - Genetics: an inherited genetic mutation
     - Conjectural / psychological: the cause is most often used. Be an unresolved conflict in psychosocial development stage or that first "nearby" with sexual connotations, the child or adolescent to do with a person of the same sex and thus developed an association, making the homosexual individual.

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