Thursday, November 15, 2012

Reactive body during orgasm

Reactive body during orgasm

During orgasm heartbeat go up to 150 per minute compared to 70 in normal condition and reaches peak blood pressure and respiration increase from 16 to 24 per minute, in some people, while others are found in a total halt expiration inspired at this time.

Meet and different manifestations of the body, such as turning the toes, genitals muscles contracting at an interval of 6-8 seconds, contractions that women engage vagina, uterus, sphincter, the circular muscles that control the anus.
 Reactive body during orgasm
In men, muscle area involved includes muscles of the penis, epididymis, prostate and anal sphincter.

During these contractions, as well as their intensity, varies from individual to individual. The average interval it can trigger an orgasm and finish is at least 26 seconds and to 70 contractions, while the minimum and maximum parameters are between 6 and 56 seconds for orgasm and 8 and 33 for the number of contractions.

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