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5 advantages of invisible dental braces (Incognito)

5 advantages of invisible dental braces (Incognito)

Because evolution dentistry, now everyone can have a perfect smile in a short time. With invisible dental braces others will see only the result: shiny teeth, an improved image and of course extra confidence.

How different is INCOGNITO device from the classic? Why did you opt for this solution?
5 advantages of invisible dental braces (Incognito)
Here are 5 benefits of invisible dental braces (Incognito):

1. It is invisible from the outside

This dental device is named after its main characteristic, namely that it is invisible. Mounted on the inside of the teeth, Incognito is impossible to see by others. Thus, no one will know your secret to flawless smile.

2. It is easy to wear

One reason why this device is so called in the U.S. is that it presents minimal discomfort. Due to its structure and how it is installed, it prevents defects of speech and unpleasant sensation caused by classic braces.

3. It is 100% custom

With modern technology, INCOGNITO is fully customizable. Because of this characteristic, it is more accurate. Thus, you certainly will get the results that you want, no matter the severity of your problem.

4. Treatment is shorter

Another major advantage is that invisible dental braces treatment takes much less. Exact action and the material it is made quickly lead to getting the desired result and thus to fewer visits to the dental office.

5. Results are immediate

If conventional braces, teeth straightening process is much slower, which causes visible results within the first month. With INCOGNITO invisible dental braces, the effects are immediate.

What are the steps you need to follow for an attractive smile? Schedule you for a consultation and find out.

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