Sunday, November 11, 2012

Adult braces - aesthetic enhancement, no impediment!

Adult braces - aesthetic enhancement, no impediment!

Modern orthodontic treatments are no longer limited by patient age, increasing aesthetic demands a better understanding of the need for dental health, the main reasons for the increased need for treatment.

Increasingly more adults are turning to orthodontic treatment. Theoretically, all that can be applied in the case of adolescents, apply in adults, but there are some important aspects that differentiate orthodontic treatment in their case.

Treatment may be one adjuvant (tooth repositioning after migration after dental extractions, getting space for a dental implant, dental alignment to allow for fillings, veneers, crowns more aesthetic). In the case of adult orthodontic treatment requires a large first collaboration between specialists in orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, oral surgery.
Adult braces - aesthetic enhancement, no impediment!
Purpose of orthodontic treatment

• Improvement of periodontal (decreased mobility, reducing periodontal pockets), by occlusion (bite) stable and functional, by restoring contact points allowing more efficient cleaning is one, a good positioning in the bone so that dental chewing forces to be transmitted along the shaft dental

• Facilitate restorative treatments (fillings, veneers)

• Facilitate prosthetic treatment (including dental implant)

• better management of joint problems

Treatment of adults can also be purely orthodontic, in which case its goals are getting a good dental occlusion, dental and facial aesthetics improved and stable result.

Increased demand for treatment in adults is due and technological development of the types of braces (variants more aesthetic, less or no visible).
Adult braces - aesthetic enhancement, no impediment!
New options

• appliances with ceramic brackets, their aesthetics are much improved over those metal springs physiognomic (analog dental color)

• Orthodontic miniimplanturile by increasing anchorage, eliminating extraoral devices

• lingual treatment

• transparent trays (aligners)

Health and a pleasant appearance are two coordinates that define a person's quality of life today. Concern for dental-facial aesthetics better, is natural, pleasant appearance is often associated with success and improve social contacts.

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