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Braces: solution for teeth

Braces: solution for teeth

You have braces and have no idea what will happen? Maybe you have braces and you need it again? Or, as an adult, you have decided that you need a new look, this starting with your smile. Whatever your situation, know that you are not alone: ​​millions of people, even adults wear braces.

In ultmii years, people over 30 years wearing braces. There is no age limit for braces. As long as you have a good oral health condition, apart tooth comes in your help to complete your perfect smile.
Braces: solution for teeth
Why do I need braces?

To understand what is good braces, talk to you. Perhaps your teeth first appeared when he was 6 months and by the age of 3 years had surely set of 20 teeth.

During childhood, your milk teeth fell one by one, were replaced by permanent teeth of adults. A complete set consists of 32 teeth Estr, including and wisdom teeth.
Braces: solution for teeth
Your teeth grow in the same place: on a bone called the upper jaw and the lower is called the mandible, covered with gum. Some lucky people have teeth out of the gum at a perfect angle and space between teeth right side of each tooth in its further development, but others are not so lucky. A tooth can grow one another or may have different growth imperfections.

Do not blame anyone for teeth as we have, crowded teeth, jaw or lower jaw, these are in most cases inherited traits. Malocclusion is a problem that interferes with mastication. Chewing is the first part of feeding and digestion, so it is very important that teeth "do their job". Crowded teeth or twist does not work as righteous. Are also difficult to clean and keep clean, which can lead to decay.

What does an orthodontist?

When you need a braces, orthodontist recommend you first do an X-ray view of your teeth. Once diagnosis, orthodontist can decide the appropriate form of treatment, which often means braces.

Braces: solution for teeth
How do braces work?

It works on two levels: ball move teeth like floss and maintain a voltage teeth. This combination allows the unit to change a successful dental tooth arrangement to anyone.
The patient has available a wide range of dental appliances: the invisible braces, anti-snoring dental device in the ceramic or colored brackets.

Braces: solution for teeth
How long should I wear braces?

Once put braces should you wear for a period of 6 months to 2 years. Meanwhile, the orthodontist will constantly check if braces will exert enough pressure. For this, the patient will make regular visits to the doctor or orthodontist usually once a month. Dental appliance orthodontist will attach wires and elastics to create more tension and pressure on the teeth.

Most times there is a tension teeth, which gives a state of discomfort. Tension can be located in some areas of the teeth, so a pill ibuprofen can help. If the pain persists and is insurportabila teeth, talk to your doctor orthodontist.

Braces: solution for teeth
How do I brush my teeth if you wear braces?

Bracheturile the teeth, wires, special elastics act as a magnet for food and dental plaque, which can leave permanent stains on your teeth if you do not brush your teeth properly. The orthodontist will recommend to brush your teeth after every meal with fluoride toothpaste, making sure to remove all food debris between teeth and braces. It is advisable to use a fluoride mouthwash that will reach places where a toothbrush can not.

 If you have decided that you want to wear braces, you made a wrong choice. Pass a time until you get used to all the wires, brackets, elastics, etc.. When you feel frustrated / a for wearing braces, remember that you will lose your braces once, releasing a beautiful smile and strong!

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