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Choose the type of teeth whitening that fits you!

Choose the type of teeth whitening that fits you!

Given the many commercial products available on the market, finding the best whitening system is a challenge.

As a patient of a dentist, you are obviously interested to receive the best treatment at the most affordable prices. Many of us every day looking for information about teeth whitening, most trying to do it at home, at a price as low as possible and a smaller offices that are looking for teeth whitening in office.

Consult your dentist
Choose the type of teeth whitening that fits you!
Our recommendation before any whitening dentist is to consult your doctor, who can say if your teeth is able to go through such a process.

Your dental professional will also recommend a scaling and a preliminary whitening teeth cleanings and important to achieve an optimal result.

You should not consider only the costs. In general, the price of treatment is based criterion in our country for teeth whitening, but it starts from a flawed premise. The method gives results both in office and at home, but the difference is focused on results.
Choose the type of teeth whitening that fits you!
Teeth whitening products

There are a variety of teeth whitening products, from toothpastes whitening, special gels, strips and professional whitening systems.

• toothpaste whitening, used consistently, can effectively correct surface discoloration. It will also help to keep long time treatment whitening effect. Constant use toothpaste with whitening tooth discoloration prevents the consumption of coffee or tea, tobacco or plaque accumulation.

• whitening gels can correct surface discoloration, but can act easily and depth of enamel. Because they have a special formula based on peroxide, you will notice a tooth color change more evident than when using only toothpaste with whitening. Just apply transparent gel with a brush, use as directed.
Choose the type of teeth whitening that fits you!
• teeth whitening strips are applied directly dinti.Necesita utilizare.Avantajul patience because the long time is that they are simple to use and you can wear them anywhere, anytime.

• complete teeth whitening systems is presented in two versions:

1. * system * home use whitening gel contains a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide and is based on adding it in some special trays to be kept in the mouth a few hours zi/5-7 days.
Choose the type of teeth whitening that fits you!
2. * professional * in office system uses power whitening products containing hydrogen peroxide 35% -38%. The advantage of this technique is bleach in a much shorter time and provides maximum protection of the gums. Can be achieved including tooth whitening devitali (teeth pulled receiving nerve), which over time have changed culoarea.Cea most advanced and revolutionary technique in office whitening is bleaching plasma. In this case special gel is activated by light emitted wavelength special whitening accelerator .. It is the most convenient and safest method of bleaching, with spectacular results.

Selecting the bleaching depends on how quickly you want to achieve results, the sensitivity of your teeth and gums and the price you can pay. Any way to whiten teeth at home may present a risk of sensitization temporary teeth or gum irritation. It is advisable to contact your dentist before you start using any whitening method.
Choose the type of teeth whitening that fits you!
Contrary to popular opinion, the method for teeth whitening in the clinic and at home are not competing. Overall winner is in office professional whitening and techniques for home maintenance rather recommend professional whitening done in practice. Your patient obviously know best which are the possibilities and options, but remember, quality is always absolute price.

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