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Conception after a pregnancy loss or abortion

Conception after a pregnancy loss or abortion

Conception after the loss of a pregnancy brings many emotions, fears, anxiety, questions about the right time for a new concept, how to prevent another loss, how to prepare for conception, etc..
Besides the emotional shock that it creates a miscarriage for a couple who wants children to physical changes can affect your overall health and women. A miscarriage causes a hormonal imbalance: body loaded with hormones needed to sustain pregnancy and suddenly it is no longer necessary effort, plus there is an accumulation of hormones that harms the body These hormonal changes cause a disruption of the menstrual cycle and periods of ovulation (not always return to normal soon - after 1-3 cycles).

How to prepare for a pregnancy after loss of a pregnancy - abortion?
Before you decide to try a new task take the time to overcome the psychological moment and to prepare the body, mind and soul for a new task.
Conception after a pregnancy loss or abortion
Provide >> body time to heal, especially endometrium and uterus.

Planning a pregnancy >> Not immediately because stress imposed on the body can be harmful to your health and fertility and sexual relationships can suffer because of anxiety and frustration.
Short-term contraception after a pregnancy loss: male condoms, female condoms (be inserted into the vagina before intercourse and store sperm from entering the reproductive tract), spermicides (foams, creams vaginal spermicide that is placed in the vagina before intercourse - kill sperm before they reach the cervix), withdrawing the penis before ejaculation (insecure due to release a quantity of semen before orgasm).

Refuse >> another task.
It is normal to have fears, but with care and medical supravegehrii can have a healthy pregnancy. You must trust and follow medical instructions, be positive and eliminate the high level of stress.
Stress the body releases several toxic substances, among which oxytocin, which interferes with producing normal pregnancy hormones. Both stress and depression adversely affects ovulation and lower levels of fertility.
Losing a pregnancy can be a very emotional and painful experience, but to avoid another miscarriage must seek relief and relaxation methods: yoga, mediatitii, therapist.
You will never forget this experience of losing a pregnancy (miscarriage). As you cry losing body undergoes several hormonal adjustments that can be extremely emotionally vulnerable. Rule for a new concept is to take care of yourself and try to conceive when you feel emotionally stable devedere.

>> Perform regular exercise, moderate reproductive health.
Although excessive exercise can damage conception, an appropriate program of exercise can ease the conception of a child. Sport should be practiced as much as the body needs to maintain health and weight stabilization - an increased level of fat increases estrogen levels that unbalanced hormonal system. Rigorous exercise affects fertility and pressure stress of weight loss can disrupt hormone levels. Recommended to try: light aerobic exercise, walking alerts, jogging, cycling moderate yoga exercises beneficial and spiritual condition and with minimum stress on the body.
Conception after a pregnancy loss or abortion
Follow a healthy diet >> to feed ovaries.
Diet is a major factor of influence fertility, conception and pregnancy. A proper diet will help to rebalance the hormonal system after miscarriage and prepare the body for another pregnancy giving nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a good source of nutrients. You also need complex carbohydrates and a source of protein, fiber beneficial.

>> Try to keep weight within reasonable limits.
Reduce >> containing caffeine drinks, energy, etc.
>> Do not smoke, use drugs of any kind.
Eat >> folic acid (as directed) to help develop the child's nervous system.
Avoid excessive >> medications, especially the unnecessary-some mineral supplements that can be taken in the diet - consult your doctor for any willful or accidental administration of drugs.
>> Be aware of the signs and symptoms but the body without becoming paranoid: bleeding, abnormal vaginal discharge, abdominal pain.
>> Rest and relax.

Why is it important and how you have to wait after a pregnancy loss to conceive again?
Specialist doctors recommend waiting time of 1-3 months (about 2 menses) before trying to conceive after you have suffered a miscarriage / abortion. This recommendation allows women mental and physical recovery after trauma and is more of a safety recommendation for women's health and future pregnancy and respite to identify and remedy the cause that led to the first abortion.
Besides doctors recommend delaying new tasks and folic acid treatment waiting period (1 tablet / day for at least one month before conception) and recovery treatment with one antibiotic endometrium and if necessary fight an infection.
Sometimes after a miscarriage is necessary to apply a method of abortion to free and clean woman's uterus. This medical procedure will not weaken the cervix and will not increase the risk of miscarriage in the future. If you lost a lot of blood during an abortion, the doctor must wait until the restore iron levels in the body to make the necessary blood tests and try to identify the cause.

The possibility of a new pregnancy can occur in a few days abortion, so it is recommended to use a contraceptive method for spacing tasks in order to restore the necessary resources and support normal development of the new task.
Also no changes neadresarea medical condition or risk factor that determined significantly increases the risk of miscarriage miscarriage again.
On the other hand, women who have a healthy and balanced lifestyle without medical problems may try to get pregnant sooner than three months (of course after the completion of medical tests and doctor's approval).
There are some circumstances, such as an ectopic pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy) or a molar pregnancy the woman is advised to wait longer for a new conception (5-6 months depending on how long or eliminate the risk factor).
Conception after a pregnancy loss or abortion
Risk of a further miscarriage
Most miscarriages occur in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Half of them apparently due to failure of the fetus to develop properly, so there is not always a medical problem or a clear explanation of the unfortunate event.
Miscarried does not mean that there is a fertility problem, nor affect women's fertility, her being able to enjoy normal healthy pregnancy and after several miscarriages: 70-80% chance of success (in case of multiple miscarriages medical investigations are necessary but deeper).
Unfortunately if miscarriage is associated with an ectopic pregnancy then there is a 20% risk that the next pregnancy will be ectopic and this can impair fertility.
Sometimes no medical investigations can not provide clear information on subsequent pregnancy loss. British researchers warn, however, that one of the major risk factors for miscarriage is obesity.
A man's perspective on a new concept after a pregnancy loss
Conception after a pregnancy loss creates a confusing range of emotions, different for men because of inability to understand fully aware of this event: men do not wear their body concept and thus do not show the result of physical changes, hormonal imbalances, etc.. But even they are affected at the loss of the unborn child emotionally and are ground on a number of worries and concerns:
Conception after a pregnancy loss or abortion
1. Sex will become a liability.
Character of the next scheduled task can cause a voltage, torque, pressure gender conception. The most important aspect of conception after miscarriage sex is not to lose sight of feelings for partner / a, passion and connection between you.

2. Stress test load.
The woman usually becomes unstable emotionally after the loss of a pregnancy and negative pregnancy test result makes it even more vulnerable. Men should not try to explain to your partner that understands what I go through (because he can not sense alcuvantului devaratul car), just to make their presence felt and support and encourage them to express their anger and emotions.

3. His partner will not show affection and wants sex just to get pregnant.
This becomes a real sexual inhibitor: the feeling that they are used by partenerelelor as an object only for their sperm. Men experiencing at this moment a feeling of insecurity in the relationship, they want to feel what they are, not conception.

4. Fear of another miscarriage.
Although less men admit exhibits the same fear of another loss as women, so it is better to be honest and talk to his partner about it.

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