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Guide to finding the G-spot exercises

Guide to finding the G-spot exercises

What is the G?
Named after Dr. Ernest Grafenberg (as a result of studies in the 1950s), point G is a structural element of the woman's vagina, composed of numerous nerve endings and blood vessels. In medical terms, the G-spot is a spongy tissue, small size, which is part of paraurethral gland (urethral sponge), analogous to the male prostate.
There are both pros and cons regarding the existence of the "button" magic. Some experts point G pro tried to determine whether the gland tissue is a distinctive or rather a group of nerves that extend from the clitoris. They concluded that the G is an independent unit, comparable to a male organ (prostate). Referred to as the female prostate to better perceive the physical existence of this "point", its tissues are in the production of chemicals similar to those produced by the male prostate gland, which provides fluidity sperm.
Male G-spot and prostate are similar in terms of sensations obtained through sexual stimulation of these areas. G-spot stimulation often involves that final orgasm, female ejaculation, which can not be obtained by other types of orgasm or sexual stimulation.
Most skeptical doctors and researchers recognize the existence of this point but spongy, but does not recognize the epicenter duties of orgasmic feelings in women.
This spongy tissue, has the shape and size of a bean, located at a depth of approximately 5 cm inside the vagina, the vaginal wall outside, just below the pelvis bone. There are cases when the position is slightly different, and erogenous zone size, according to the anatomical characteristics of women. Activated by sexual stimulation it can cause the ultimate sexual pleasure, even multiple orgasms. There are even some sex therapists who claim that women can amplify this point of pleasure through diet and exercise (theme that has sparked a new controversy in the medical world).
When the person is excited, the G to increase in size due to increased blood flow. It is therefore very important degree of arousal and sexual stimulation level before trying to track the position of point G. In most cases when women or men can not detect the G is due to excitation failure and how to deal with it (requires firm pressure to the vagina, not light touch - point G lies deep in the vaginal wall).

American researcher Paul Joannides, psychoanalyst, writes in one of his books considered to be a true guide to sexuality., "The Guide to Getting It On! "(Goofy Foot Press, 2008), that the sensations felt in the clitoris reach the brain through somatic nerves innervating external genitalia in both sexes, while vaginal sensations (including those experienced at the point G) are sent the brain through a series of pelvic nerves. Thus, stimulating both zones (clitoris and G-spot) to get a more intense orgasm, "complete".
G-spot stimulation - not just for women!
Not only women benefit from the existence of the G - but men. Called point P is located in the lower rectal wall, being in contact with the prostate gland.
And for men, this area is as sensitive to the touch and has as many nerve endings and blood vessels, as well as point G. Moreover, stimulation of the prostate (prostate massage) can cause orgasm and ejaculation strong, continuous, not jerky (as with penile stimulation).
Although not a commonly accepted practice or comfortable men, they must know that there is nothing strange or kinky gay in prostate stimulation. It depends on each individual and his partner if they want to explore these sexual pleasures, but you certainly should not feel reluctant or uncomfortable because prostate stimulation is relaxation all the success.

Guide to finding the G-spot exercises

Discovering the G for women
Tips - Exercises for Women
The best way to achieve orgasm climax in G, is to experiment and find one that button first and then sexual pleasure with your partner, guiding you in the process. How should men are experts in finding and stimulating this point when women do not know their own body and how his reaction?
Every woman may be different in terms of exact position and size of point G. According to studies, some women do not have this erogenous, more than that orgasmic rapunsul is different, and some women may even appreciate more clitoral stimulation than on the vagina. The fact that you can not reach orgasm through G-spot stimulation or you can give your partner the ultimate pleasure with this method does not mean that there is something wrong with one of you. You must learn to know, to explore their bodies and let your body time to react to certain stimuli in order to determine the most appropriate method to achieve maximum pleasure. Your bodies have sufficient erogenous zones that can be explored.

For the / those who need some guidance in terms of finding the G-spot, here are some exercises and useful information:
> Before trying to identify the G must be sufficiently aroused to determine amplification natural spongy tissue (both for easy identification and for more effective stimulation).
> Need enough lubricant to facilitate manual stimulation.
> Lying on your back with thighs apart, body relaxed, place your finger or middle finger inside the vagina so that the pubic area covered with palm and finger to push the vaginal wall.
> Take a slump finger movement when you have identified an area with a different texture, a mucosal surface undulations, spongy texture, slightly rough, at a depth of approximately 5 cm inside the vagina.
> You will soon see if the area was identified correctly by sensations that stirs pressure with your finger (try different intensities of pressure, circular motion, moves back and forth to determine the body's response to each case). Explore your body and sexuality.
> During stimulation, the tissue that is filled with fluid, thus increasing their volume easily. This will be more easily identified and stimulated.
> A sure indication of proper background for identifying the G is strong feeling to urinate. This sensation is due to the G-spot location near the urethra and bladder sensation induced stimulation area (but do not worry, the feeling will go away once the cessation of stimulation, for your convenience try to urinate before starting the exercise).
Tips, exercises for men
Much of the exercise is to prepare the framework and knowledge partner for this exercise the body and ways to provide sexual pleasure. This is because an intimate and deep relaxation will leave other items such as candles, romantic setting, music tomantica, oil massage, aromatherapy, afodisiace to make the effect to arouse your partner and determine "exit" point G (amplification its anatomical dimensions).

Guide to finding the G-spot exercises

Sensual massage partner (10-15 minutes / each side) serves aa create intimacy and connection between partners, increased body relaxation for amplification responsiveness to stimulation of body. Very important in this massage is not touching, clitoris or vagina.
As your partner becomes more relaxed and aroused the G-spot can start and exercise, but without a relation to it.
> Find a comfortable position for both (lying side by side, or back and he stretched her knees between her thighs), vaginal lubricants to have at hand and proceed as in the exercise described above: insert 1-2 fingers in the vagina, including pubic bone and apply gentle pressure, then increasing the vaginal wall to the right depth to locate point G.
> Very important: she must guide your partner through words / movements / sounds in order both to learn to body knowledge and partners to get feedback regarding discomfort / pleasure felt at different moves / intensity, can raise the ceiling pelvic muscles (as Kegel exercises) to observe effects on the partner, enhance / diminish sexual pleasure.
> The partner will feel a little rough area with a different texture of the vagina. That is the erogenous zone G, as it stimulates the point G will increase the size, making it easy to identify by palpation.
> To enhance pleasure (with mild or harsh movements on the G) can start and clitoral stimulation with the other hand.
> Woman will experience at some point an urgent need to urinate, this is not a point of concern-is a normal reaction and should continue to relax - this is the introduction into what it means ejaculation. This sensation is due to the position of the bladder near the point G. feeling will disappear with cessation of G-spot stimulation and diminishing size

If you do not orgasm from this exercise should not worry. The main purpose of this exercise is to find the G and observing body reactions to different stimulus factors. It is often necessary to repeat several times this exercise to educate the body in terms of vaginal orgasm (orgasm G) and to feel physically, this magic.
To facilitate the execution of exercise can sit 1-2 pillows under your butt to change the angle of the vagina penetratare.
Once completed exercise with orgasm or not, will charge a different energy partner to partner. This is where exercise is completed and includes a man and woman's vagina with the other hand chest heart area. Hold this position a few minutes, breathing in tandem to enjoy the new experience.

Guide to finding the G-spot exercises

Discovering the male G-spot
Very few men have experienced the pleasures of prostate orgasm or lack of information or due to association with homosexual practice. The idea that this exercise would likely be gay is completely wrong. The prostate is a male gland that provides intense sexual pleasure that can be stimulated both individually and partner (we recommend using a condom or latex gloves for hygiene and to avoid accidental injury).
Prostate gland is located approximately 4 cm inside the anus, lower rectal wall. Its role is to create prostatic fluid that mixes with sperm and fluid from the seminal vesicles derived to obtain sperm. The prostate is an organ of soft tissue, spongy, the average size of a walnut, which contains numerous nerve endings and is very sensitive to touch.
The G in men is much easier to find than in women, but you need patience.
> Lying on your back in a comfortable position with legs elevated and supported by the back of a sofa (which facilitates more exercise position), should easily reach the perineum and anus (you can add 1-2 pillows under buttocks to pelvic floor lift position).
> Gently massage the area around the anus and perineum, the area using appropriate lubricant. Movements should be light, delicate circular.
> As exert a gradual openings in the anal sphincter muscle to relax leave until gradually you will contact point P (about 4 cm inside the rectal canal).
> Point P stimulation techniques vary, but the key is to apply gradual movement, light and let the body time to react and respond.
> The same thing can make him and your partner (possibly making combiantii to stimulate the perineum, penis with your hand or oral stimulation, etc.) will be particularly ejaculation, seminal fluid jet is designed to continuously and not jerky.
How can I improve the performance of the G?
Apart from gaining experience through the introduction of these exercises in your regular sexual practice, and increased frequency of sexual activity, you can intensify the pleasure obtained after G-Spot stimulation by practicing Kegel exercises. By alternating contraction and relaxation of muscles harden pubo-coccigieni vaginal muscles, providing a "catch" strongest finger, penis, action increases pressure on the point G.
Like abdominal exercises, spinal muscles and leg muscles, and point G can be maintained for a maximum potential production orgasm. Women who practice this type of exercise are more responsive to vaginal stimulation, have better control over orgasms and increased sensitivity to point G.

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