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How to care for your brush your teeth?

How to care for your brush your teeth?

Yes, you read right. Not just your teeth need proper care to forbid them from diseases, but also the central element regarding oral hygiene toothbrush. Often we are tempted to choose a toothbrush with color or design. But if in case the little ones, these are factors that should be taken into account (because an attractive design and bright colors of the brush can do the little brushing your teeth to look like an enjoyable activity and not as one "that need to do "), the largest would have to pay no attention to these features.

There are no colors and no designs that keep bacteria away and thus protect you from the risks involved poor oral hygiene.

When it comes to finding a toothbrush to be your trusted ally against dental disease, you should know:
How to care for your brush your teeth?
1. How to choose a toothbrush:

-Opt for a brush with soft bristles because small countries can cause gum damage
-Looking for a toothbrush with a small head that can reach inaccessible places in the oral cavity
-Opt for some form of tail that do not get in the way, toothbrush should be easy and comfortable to hold.
-Looking for a colorless translucent plastic brush, it allows light to pass through it, which prevents germs to multiply
How to care for your brush your teeth?
2. When you change your toothbrush?

Once every 3 months or when you notice that the brushes are worn, if that happens to be fulfilled before 3 months of use
-After you've had the flu, colds, throat or mouth infection, germs can remain on the tooth, leading to recurrent disease.
How to care for your brush your teeth?

-If brushes wear out within about 2 weeks, it means that brushing is done incorrectly, the pressure applied on teeth is too high, resulting in damage to the gums, bacteremia (bacteria entering the blood) or gingival ulceration.

-If after 5-6 months of use, yet brushes are worn, it means that besides the mistake of not change your toothbrush every 3 months, and the mistake of doing too little pressure applied on teeth brushing making it one improperly, which contributes to the development of dental disease.
How to care for your brush your teeth?
3. What can you do if you have motor problems:

Opt for an electric toothbrush, or
-Fix brush on a piece of foam or inside a tennis ball
-Stretches the tail with a bat
Hand-sets using a brush or an elastic band with Velcro
How to care for your brush your teeth?
4. How to care for your tooth brush:

-Not you dip because wet environment is conducive to bacterial growth
-Not be confined in different containers, moist environment encourages the growth and multiplication of microorganisms
-Choose a dry and ventilated (eg the bedroom) than the cupboard in the bathroom
Do not use hot water to a clean
-Not your toothbrush in the same place, because bacteria can get from a toothbrush to another and thus may convey infection
• Do not allow anyone else to use your teeth brush

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