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How to remove a tooth nerve?

How to remove a tooth nerve?

A root canal requires one or more visits to the dentist and can be performed by a dentist or endodontist.

Extraction steps nerve
How to remove a tooth nerve?
After I told when the nerve of a tooth is removed, we will now explain how a nerve extraction.

The first step in this process is to make your dental X-ray to see the shape of the tooth root and to determine if there are signs of infection of the bone that supports the teeth is. Then your doctor will use local anesthesia dentist. The latter is not always necessary, especially if the tooth nerve is dead, but most dentists use dental anesthesia for the patient to be more relaxed during the procedure.
How to remove a tooth nerve?
Then, to keep the area dry and free of saliva during treatment, your dentist will place a sheet of rubber around the tooth, specially designed for this purpose.

One way to access your tooth will be the dental drill. The pulp along with bacteria and damaged nerve tissue will be removed. The entire length of the canal, the dentist will insert thin needles to clean the teeth of all bacteria. Water and sodium hypochlorite are often used to sanitize the tooth being worked on.

Once the tooth is cleaned, it is sealed. Some dentists prefer to wait a week to apply the final filling on tooth was cleaned beforehand. For example, if you had a tooth infection dentist applies a medication inside the tooth. Others prefer to apply immediately after filling the tooth is cleaned.
How to remove a tooth nerve?
The next appointment with the dentist applies the final filling.

How to remove a tooth nerve?
How painful is the extraction of a nerve?

 Root canal is known as painful. But most people say that the procedure itself is no more painful than filling the teeth.

What should I expect after extraction nerve?

How to remove a tooth nerve?
After a few days of the procedure, tooth sensitivity can occur because some tissue inflammation, especially if the patient had pain or tissue before the tooth was infected. This tooth sensitivity or discomfort in the first days after surgery poatefi controlled analgesia pills category. Most patients return to their activities since the second day.

Until root canal procedure is completely finished and will be applied to final filling, you should avoid using tooth repaired chewing process. This helps to avoid recontamination inside the tooth and prevent brittle teeth to break before he is completely restored.

Do not forget to care for your teeth. Brush your teeth and floss as often as possible and visit your dentist at intervals established.

How to remove a tooth nerve?
Complications of extractions nerve
Despite all efforts dentist to clean and seal the affected tooth, new infections can occur in a canal fillings.

The reasons are:

- Existence of multiple channels clean (leaving one impurity)
- A crack in the tooth that has not seen a dentist
- Inadequate dental treatment application which allows bacteria to infect the
-While filling the crack, allowing bacteria to tooth recontaminate

How to remove a tooth nerve?
Alternative to extraction of nerve
Saving natural teeth is the best option. Your natural teeth allow you to eat a variety of foods to your daily nutrition.

The only alternative to root canal filling is to have the tooth extracted and replacing it with a bridge or an implant. These alternatives are not only more expensive than a root canal procedure but require a longer treatment and other procedures.

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