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Kriston Intimate Gymnastics - Women's responsible

Kriston Intimate Gymnastics - Women's responsible

New method to protect the urogenital organs in women (invented in 1988), present in Romania since 2008 through a specialized gymnastics coach intima (Magdas Emese Hajnalka) Kirston intimate gymnastics program is exclusively dedicated to women to help prevent , protection and rehabilitation of diseases and problems of the lower abdomen.
Kriston Intimate Gymnastics method gives all women regardless of age and stage of life (pregnancy, childbirth, menopause) perineal protection active and abdomino-pelvic organ improves urogenital apparatus function and couple life by toning pelvic muscles and vaginal and relieve problems that can cause discomfort during intercourse.

This method protects complex sexual health and strengthen urogenital function device (vagina, ovaries, uterus, urethra, bladder) with special attention to the daily habits (food, energy therapies, movement, breathing).
Besides exercise to stimulate muscular and behavioral skills, psychosomatic and energy in order to sustain and strengthen the abdominal organs, the program includes a number of tips and details about female health and body harmonization techniques with mind, body language female Special periods in a woman's life, women's sexuality.
Called the trainer, exercise "to strengthen inner" Kriston exercises performed correctly and regularly can cause an increase in power perineum muscle tightening by 132% at the end of a full course of 10 weeks. Toning and strengthening the muscles of the vagina and perineum with such capacity will definitely improve your sex life through self education on sex and perineal muscles (strength, coordination, speed, endurance).
Kriston Intimate Gymnastics - Women's responsible
Gymnastics intimate sex life improves sexual performance
The benefits of exercise are sexual Kriston both physical and mental. After practicing these exercises women are worsens during intercourse senses, intensifying the sensations and feelings.
Kriston gymnastic exercises regulate hormone levels of women's intimate and increases availability orgasm and increase sexual desire. The vaginal muscle training takes place and an improvement of lubrication sexual organs, so it provides better protection against infections of the vagina but also a higher quality of sex. Increasing blood flow and improving blood circulation and lymphatic increase female sexual organ sensitivity and ability to reach orgasm easier and may even experience multiple orgasms.
Also, practicing regular exercise reduces menstrual pain and reduce the risk of fertility problems.

Other benefits of exercise Kriston
Perineal muscles have a multiple role in the perineal area:
To protect and sustain the support of the abdominal organs;
-Retention and urinary and fecal flow issue by sending signals to the bladder and colon;
-Retention fetus during pregnancy / removal during childbirth;
-Ensure the functioning of muscle contraction genital sexual response to sexual stimulation and to increase sensation and sexual pleasure.
Menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood and menopause, along with age, general loss of muscle tone, weight fluctuations make changes to the perineum, so strength and tone muscles of the perineum must be maintained constantly.
Kriston Intimate Gymnastics - Women's responsible
Here's how you can get the help you give your body to prevent, rehabilitate and improve the condition of the pelvic organs and pelvic muscles through exercise Kriston:

> Improve pre-menstrual discomfort, reduce bleeding and relieve menstrual cramps;
> Stimulate digestion and prevent constipation and bloating, and abdominal discomfort;
> Prepare muscles to support pregnancy and vaginal dilation, relaxation techniques for labor and the perineum (trained muscle elasticity ensures faster and easier recovery);
> Prevent vaginal atrophy, vaginal thinning and weakening of muscles in the pre-menopausal;
> Prevention of bladder and urethral prolapse, uterine prolapse or the rectum;
> Stop the symptoms caused by hemorrhoids due to improved blood circulation and lymphatic rectal area;
> Prevention and rehabilitation and fecal incontinence;
> Vaginal infection prevention and adjuvant treatment in recurrent vaginal infections by increasing the production of female hormones;
> Increased clamping power of the vagina and urethra.

Kriston Intimate gymnastics program
Nowadays there are so theoretical and practical method Kriston, and a DVD and a book to support individual study in this regard. The author of these exercises is Andrea Kriston Intimate gymnastics, founding member of management of uro-gynecology Department Gynecologists Society of Hungary, biology and physical education professor and researcher honorary member of the Hungarian Society of Sport Science.

Movements in these exercises were invented by Professor Kriston in 1988 after a pregnancy and birth that left a negative effect on both internal and external shelf abdominal and pelvic area. Until 1994 has developed an entire program dedicated to all women who want to train, maintain and rehabilitate abdomino-pelvic organs.
Equipment needed:
- Comfortable pants that will not restrict movement in the abdomen, thighs, hips and pelvic area.
- Gym socks or slippers, comfortable, lightweight, warm;
- Mat and a towel covering mattress for personal comfort.
Exercise can be learned quickly by a coach during a course of 10 hours. Once caught technique execution, exercise will be conducted daily in the same manner in the comfort of their home 8-10 min / day.
Training is aimed at women of all ages for maintenance, prevention and recovery perineal area.
The full program lasts 10 weeks and teaches women not only control vaginal muscles as well as behavioral and psychosomatic techniques for better sex life.
Examples of exercises Kriston
** These examples are indicative - not of order and do not describe a complete set of exercises.
* Exercises can be practiced individually, without coaching, but we recommend you first study the entire technique in the book "Intimate gymnastics, Kriston" Kriston Andrea, Ruzsonyi Peter.
Kriston Intimate Gymnastics - Women's responsible
1. Exercise "The Three Musketeers" - the simultaneous contraction of the perineal muscles in three sitting position, leaning back cutrunchiul supported in hands and legs stretched and crossed.
2. Strong contraction of the vagina and urethra pushing the abdominal cavity (position: sitting, trunk bent back, supported hands, legs apart with knees bent, feet on floor).
3. Pubococcigian muscle contraction in position lying on one side, with one hand under his head, the other at your sides, feet found in scissor on the floor (run position, knee foot above the floor supported).
4. Relaxing massage of the abdominal organs and total relaxation through deep breathing (position: lying on your back with knees bent, feet apart).
5. Stand up slightly in position (3) in elbow hand that you in head and perineal muscle contraction.
6. Candle imperfect (with feet placed horizontally, parallel to the trunk) strengthen the abdomen (keep your hands flat on the floor near the body) and repeat lifting and lowering.
7. Back in candle position and fix feet on the ground. As you breathe easier, push the hips up.

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