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Revolutionary treatments witch hazel

Revolutionary treatments witch hazel

If you are tired to bake a lot of local treatments and the results are not as expected, try something American ... treatment with witch hazel. What is witch hazel, how you will use it and what benefits has the beauty we elaborate below.

What is witch hazel?
Witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) or in English "witch hazel" is part of deciduous trees present in the eastern United States, spread to Europe and Asia. Is a tree 4, 5 meters high.
Original name suggests some kind of witchcraft, but cosmeticienii ensure that this ingredient is "peaceful".
Locals used witch hazel branches to find water, then lesions and tumors.
Hamamelis contains oils volatine of tannin, which gives very strong astringent effects. Research conducted shows that witch hazel has many benefits for the skin.

What benefits shows witch hazel?
Hamamelis has many advantages. First to treat wounds, skin itching and dry skin case. Positive effects were observed with inflamed eyes or on inflamed skin from sunlight. Also, it is a miracle if the oily skin or acne. Can be used by men like aftershave.
On the other APRT, witch hazel is used eliminate foot pain, treat hemorrhoids, mouth and throat.
Generally, witch hazel is used in teas and used as such.
A cold compress of witch hazel 'away' headaches.
In cosmetics, witch hazel is present in many products.

1. As a cleanser
One cup of witch hazel mixed with a tablespoon of glycerin. The solution obtained is applied on the face with a napkin.
If you go traveling, get some towels, cut to the same size and soak them in the solution. Then place them in a plastic bag.

2. Like hair spray
Add a little witch hazel in hair spray or any styling product.

3. Facial Mask
A tablespoon of clay mixed with a tablespoon of witch hazel. The paste obtained is applied on oily skin. Rinse with warm water.

4. As toner
After you cleansing, apply witch hazel on a cotton pad and wipe face.

5. Hand Cream
- Two teaspoons of yeast
- Five teaspoons of witch hazel
- A quarter teaspoon of tincture of benzoin
Mix all ingredients until it forms a paste. Refrigerate 20 minutes. Then apply on your hands. Leave on for half an hour and rinse with warm-hot water.
This cream repairs dry and irritated hands.

6. Deodorant
- A quarter cup of witch hazel
- A quarter cup aloe vera gel
- A quarter cup mineral water
- A teaspoon of glycerin
- Optional, 5 drops of lavender oil

Mix all ingredients and put in a spray bottle.

7. Toner
For skin hydration is necessary to apply a lotion.
a). for oily skin
Combine equal amounts of witch hazel and rose water.
a). for normal skin
A second part of witch hazel and rose water
C). for dry skin
Combine one part witch hazel, rose water two and a distilled water.

Workable solution is applied just like a toner.
Keep in refrigerator.

If you are pregnant or signal a health problem consult your doctor.

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