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Rules on your plate - 12 easy tips for healthy eating

Rules on your plate - 12 easy tips for healthy eatingBe it overeating or energy-restricted diet, excess food is always making something periculos.Traim in a world of lack of time and even if there is an increasing interest grew to a healthy diet, not always successful to achieve a balance when it comes to food.Many of us understand that to have a healthy life and a weight that you feel better and chose not to endanger our health, we must adopt overall balanced lifestyle without resorting to strict regimes may have consequences both physical and mental.
In the following I will list some tips that I think are very good and useful, but mostly very easy to follow.
1. Eat foodYes, this statement seems a freak at first, but when you consider that each year 17,000 new products appear each supermarket shelves, most of increasingly processed means. Not all products are beautifully packaged high nutritional status and not all of us do well. There are many processed foods that make us more harm than good. Many of them are made with high amounts of saturated fat and sodium and sugar. These types of foods should be avoided or at least consumed in moderation. Pastries, packaged sweets, chips and many other products in this category should be excluded during the diet.
2. Choose foods .... rotten!It is natural that food to alter, because it is natural for them to promote the development of bacteria and fungi in the environment. But with the development of food industry gained momentum and adding preservatives more or less toxic in food to be extended validity period. Although studies have shown that most preservatives not affect our health in small quantities in large quantities or interact with other compounds in food, our sick. For example, sodium benzoate, a substance used as a preservative in some soft drinks, in the presence of vitamin C and exposure to excessive heat, is known to cause cancer.
3.Don't eat where you supply your car How many times did it without even thinking? It is true that gas stations are promised land when it is night and you have no where to get serviced, but try to cumpreri only things you need. In addition to much higher prices than other stores, shopping, gas stations daunatoare.Incearca is full of temptations to avoid them as much as possible.
4.Avoid the products  that contains more than five ingredientsThe more a food has packed more ingredients, the more processed yet and it's unhealthy.
5.Don't forget to introduce in your daily menu  fruits and vegetables, especially the coloured onesFruits and vegetables lose much of the properties when thermally processed or stored in adverse conditions. Once boiling or roasting are lost so much of vitamins and fiber, so necessary digestion. Vitamin C begins to degrade starting at 40 degrees C!Vegetable colors often reflect phytochemical antioxidants it contains, which are very beneficial. Besides this colorful meal always makes us greater pleasure than a dull, is not it?
6. Pay more, eat lessEating quality products and a small amount you can save a lot of doctor visits. "We eat to live, not live to eat".
7. Eat sweets from the fruits categoryIn nature, sugars are found almost all "packed" with fiber, which slows absorption and gives them a feeling of fullness before you ingest too many calories. Therefore it is always better to eat fruit instead of drinking juice them.
8.More whiter is your bread , more soon you the die!Glycemic index of white bread is taken as reference in nutrition (IG = 100) and is exceeded only by some foods (eg French fries). White bread is nice and fluffy, but lacks fiber and vitamins. Although bread has more calories than white, the latter fat more easily.
9.Leave the table before you are full The novel says "I'm tired", would the French "je Moreover thou hast not fame" (I have hunger). Get up from the table when you no longer hungry, not when you're tired.
10.Try to  eat your lunch on a table-the board office is not a table!Give yourself at least a quarter of an hour for lunch and try to eat your food slowly, enjoying them and thinking about something you enjoy. Not only will release gastric juices in the quantities required, but will avoid other unpleasant things like overeating, bloating or indigestion.
11.DRINK WATER!Water is very important in any diet, with an important role in the development of all physiological processes and therefore you should not forget to drink.

12. Break the rules from time to time"Everything in moderation" is always saying. Sometimes, however, we must not forget that Oscar Wilde once said "everything but in moderation - including measure". Eating is a pleasure, and if occasionally eat foods that we like very much in moderation, nothing happens seriously.

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