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Teeth Whitening: Pros and cons

Teeth Whitening: Pros and cons

Teeth whitening is the most sought after treatment in cosmetic dentistry or not? White teeth whitening promises without complications and without affect your oral health. Before going to the dentist office allows us to present you the advantages and disadvantages.

Generally can not discuss the advantages and disadvantages for each method whitening whitening is different. The first step in your information about this topic is to know what kind of treatments on the market.
Teeth Whitening: Pros and cons
Here are the advantages and disadvantages of various teeth whitening products:

Gum whitening:

- There is no risk if you constantly eat chewing gum whitening
- Is not associated with any dental condition
- Is economical
Teeth Whitening: Pros and cons
- Long time treatment (first signs of improvement are seen after 6 weeks)
- Less efficient and tooth color difference is only a shade

Toothpaste whitening teeth

- Does not require a great effort on your part, all you need to do is brush your teeth with toothpaste or gel that
- No risk of irritation or pain
- There is a big difference of price of toothpaste with whitening effect than normal

-Even if such promises toothpaste has whitening, the results tell a different story, there were no major results using this toothpaste.
- Many experts in the field believe that a whitening toothpaste has the same effect as a normal toothpaste

Teeth whitening kits at home

Teeth whitening gels


- Are effective (you can see a difference of 2-3 shades)
- Are available anywhere on the market teeth whitening products dedicated
- Reasonable prices compared to whitening treatment at the dentist office

- If the whitening gel comes into contact with the gums can cause discomfort, irritation and pain
- Teeth whitening results vary from each individual

Teeth whitening kits dental office

- There dentist's office most effective teeth whitening treatment, the change takes place between 8 and 10 shades
- Whitening treatment is applied by a professional dentist
- The procedure is painless
- Results can be seen immediately and are long-term

- Lips or gums can swell
- Sensitive teeth will occur for a few days
- Tooth whitening treatments can damage teeth excessive and repetitive

Teeth whitening products are in various forms and have their own advantages and disadvantages promise to provide a bright smile. But before calling a whitening treatment is good to know all its implications, dentist advises you when is best to turn to teeth whitening. Also, remember that a beautiful smile should be healthy.

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