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What type of toothpaste you choose me?

What type of toothpaste you choose me?

When you get in front of the shelf where toothpaste and you must choose one, or pick up the one you took last time, or the one where you last saw an advertisement and rarely the one that your dentist recommended it. The last case is the ideal but then you need to know by what criteria to choose toothpaste.

To come to your help, we will talk today about the types of toothpaste.
What type of toothpaste you choose me?
Whitening toothpaste

This paste not actually whiten teeth but removes stains on them because of abrasives and chemicals. Keep original color shade of the white teeth or gained through advanced whitening methods.

It is however required more attention in terms of their abrasiveness. Gindiilor abrasive agents lead to irritation and tooth sensitivity increasing.
What type of toothpaste you choose me?
Tartar control toothpaste

This paste prevents the accumulation of plaque only after scaling, not removal. It prevents the formation of plaque and caries by xylitol. This natural sugar has therapeutic healing and preventing gingivitis. But prolonged use can lead to increased tooth sensitivity.
What type of toothpaste you choose me?
Toothpaste for sensitive teeth

20% of adults shows sensitivity to the mouth. Toothpastes such factors may create a barrier against irritants that would otherwise reach the tooth nerve. These pastes are used when a patient had a gingival retraction and became sensitive to hot or cold, sweet and bitter. Improvement is seen after 4-6 weeks.
What type of toothpaste you choose me?
Toothpaste with fluoride

Strengthens tooth enamel and fighting them remineralizes acids from food. Children and the elderly use it especially to prevent cavities. But fluoride is a controversial topic among dentists, they divide into two camps: pro and cons of fluoride.

Toothpaste for healthy gums

This type of toothpaste can treat periodontal disease caused by plaque and tartar, but can easily control the buildup of plaque or preventing its formation.

Toothpaste for smokers

Is more abrasive agents that help remove stains from teeth that occur after excessive consumption of nicotine. But doctors are not recommended because they can cause damage to the enamel and gum tissue.
Toothpaste for fresh breath
What type of toothpaste you choose me?
It resembles toothpaste mouthwash. She mask bad breath but we can not say that treating halitosis.
Toothpaste for children

It is specially designed to meet the needs of a child dental development. Must have a low concentration of fluoride, a pleasant, nice looking and nice smelling and not have sugar.
Toothpaste with baking soda

Creates an alkaline environment and prevents acids attack the tooth surface. Sodium bicarbonate was used once and now prefer this refreshing toothpaste effect it produces. It is not indicated for long-term use of this type of toothpaste that can irritate gums.

Any type of toothpaste you choose, try not to use the same paste long time to find the time to consult your dentist before.

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