Thursday, November 15, 2012

Adolescent Contraception

Adolescent Contraception

It takes into account the need for methods to ensure good protection against unwanted pregnancy (at this age, an unwanted pregnancy is high risk, and the risk of child abandonment is higher than at other ages);

Although teens may choose to use any contraception, often choosing a method may be influenced by a number of specific social and behavioral aspects:
- Sporadic sexual activity;
- The need to hide their sexual activity and use of contraception
- Increased risk of STIs (multiple partners, partner lack negotiation skills);
- Method of administration;
- Side effects (less tolerated in this age can lead to abandonment method);
- Accessibility method;
- Influence on future fertility;
- Influence on health (possibly teenage amelioraea specific problems: dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders, acne, etc.).
Adolescent Contraception
Contraceptive method of choice for adolescent use:
- Condom
- COC,
- POCs;
Adolescent Contraception
Methods are the first choice:
- Diaphragm,
- Spermicides,
- Surgical sterilization.

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