Thursday, November 15, 2012

Contraception after birth

Contraception after birth
Resumption of menstrual cycle and appearance of first menstruation occurring
- Approximately one month after stopping breastfeeding, but sometimes during breastfeeding
- Approximately 4-6 weeks after birth, if the child was not breastfed
A pregnancy can occur even before the resumption of the menstrual cycle, whether breastfeeding or not.

It is considered that:
- A woman needs a good protection against a new task to continue to breastfeed (because a new task can suppress lactation);
- Is required spacing births (body recovery time is at least 2 years).
 Contraception after birth
If a woman is breastfeeding:
The best non-hormonal methods are:
- Lactation amenorrhea method (first 6 months)
- Barrier methods,
- Copper IUD;
Of hormonal methods can be used progestin-only contraceptives (minipilule, injectable contraceptive, IUD with progestogen) after 6 weeks after birth.
 Contraception after birth
If a woman is not breastfeeding:
Use either hormonal methods, and IUDs or barrier methods;
She can take into account voluntary surgical sterilization (within 48 hours of birth or 6 weeks), if he desired number of children.
Methods that are not recommended:
Natural methods based on recognition of the fertile period (periodic abstinence), COC (if breastfeeding 6 months).

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