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Athletes and oral health

Athletes and oral health

For your dental health is not enough to wear a mouth guard, care for it! Athletes are exposed to various accidents, especially those who practice contact sports (football, basketball, hockey, etc..), So it is recommended to use the tray. This is a device designed to cushion the blow and head, often preventing tooth fracture or impending problems.

Although the tray can be popular in terms of its capacity to prevent certain accidents may temporarily or sometimes permanently disfigure a person, what many do not consider this care is important, keeping them clean and prevent the transmission of certain diseases and infections .

Mouth host a large number of bacteria and microorganisms that can cause infectious diseases, in other words, can affect oral health anytime of the one who wears, if it is not cleaned properly.

Everything an organism needs to survive, including food or liquid waste can be found in a tray. Even if they appear to be solid, they are very porous, like a sponge and the sponge cavity invading microorganisms.

These problems are the same as in the repeated use of a toothbrush infected or silverware that was not cleaned well. Dentists particularly recommended to use trays athletes because it provides a permanent protection of the mouth and teeth, but you should know that they are a reservoir of bacteria that can cause gum infections and tooth decay.

Most athletes do not care emphasizes on the tray, most often put in its holder nespaland her again.
How do you maintain tray?

- Brush your teeth before wearing mouth guard;
• Do not loan your coworkers tray of the team;
- During sporting events, to have at hand a spare tray;
- Wash the tray before putting it in the special support with soap and warm water;
- Before you store, wet tray with mouthwash;
Then you should not use the tray, keep it in a plastic box, well ventilated, check that box has several holes for drying tray;
- Avoid exposure to heat tray, do not let them dry in the sun or in the car.

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